Tibet on this website refers to Tibet Autonomous Region of  China. It has been the dream destination for many travelers for its high mountain, mysterious religions, the exotic custom of Tibetan. In its entire history, The region has never been so open International visitor. Now everyone can visit Tibet at considerable ease. So each year millions of visitor around the globe make their dream journey here.


Qinghai Tibetan Plateau is the highest region on the earth. The plateau is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges. With the Himalayas in the south, Kunlun ranges on the north, and the Karakoram on the west.

The region covers 1.25 million square kilometers. And shares the national border with India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar. Within China, we have Xinjiang and Qinghai on north, and Sichuan and Yunnan on the east.


Due to its harsh and Rugged terrain. It is sparsely populated by 3.03 Million habitats. From it, 90% are ethnic Tibetan and the rest are ethnic Han, Hui, Monpa, and Mongols. The two main source of livelihood in Tibet is Nomad pastoralism and Agriculture.


Because of its size and Topography, the climate in regions is different. In the North and eastern region, it is enormous open plains with an average altitude of 4800m. The area has a harsh climate with low temperature throughout the year and biting windy. In this area, It is impossible for growing crops. But on the sparse grass, nomad feeds their herds. So they regularly move to avoid overgrazing.

In the central region, along with the valley of the Yarlung Tsangpo river and its tributaries. The areas are lower at an average of 3600m. Farming is possible and hence have a dense population.

As the Yarlung Tsangpo river flows down to the southeast region. The valleys get lower and have more Vegetation and thicker forest.

We have some of the world highest mountain ranges and peaks. The region is the source of major rivers in Asia. The topography comprises the high Mountain, Grassland plans, and habitable central part.


This region gives huge opportunities for International and Domestic tourism. We are privileged and honored to be a local indigenous Tibetan travel agency. We offer a wide range of tour services from Trekking, Cultural tour, Scenic tour, Wilderness tour, Overland, and mountaineering expeditions for below 7000 meters and Other Tibet tours.

Our Responsibility

We understand, how vital the environment of the region is for the entire world. Therefore, we practice sustainable, responsible tourism.  i on our company’s name is to remind us of this ownership and responsibility.

Some Basic Information

Tibetan Culture

Our Culture

Due to its Geographical and Climatic condition, Tibet has developed a unique culture. With influences from the neighboring cultures….

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Tibetan Religion


All Tibetans are not Buddhist. Here, we practice different religion in harmony for centuries….

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Tibetan Astrology


Astrology is an essential part of our culture. Therefore, it is deeply knit into our daily life. It also serves as guidance for all the major decisions….

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Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medicine

Our medicine has over 2500 years of history and Development. Which makes it one of the world oldest know medicinal tradition….

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Tibetan History


We have a very long history. Here is a brief history for the traveler to read before coming here…

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Tibetan festivals


We have lots of celebration throughout the year. All are related to Buddhism.  Including horse racing, singing, display of religious artwork, dancing and praying.

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Our Tour Packages

We can offer Specialize packages in Tibet, Kham (Sichuan) and Amdo (Qinghai). Contact Us if you are interested. We can offer a special discount to Dharma Centers abroad.

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I-Tibet travel is local Tibetan travel agency based in Tibet. Being register in the year 1991, as Tibet Whole world international travel Co.Ltd.  Makes one of the oldest Tibetan travel agency in Lhasa. Thus we can to make all the Document require for your Tibet travel including travel permits. Our service includes wide ranges of Tibet tour packagesTibet group tour for Budget Travel. Also, You can book your Tibet flight tickets and Tibet train tickets. So, We hope you will choose a Local Tibetan travel agency to travel to Tibet.

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