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Chinese Group Visa for visiting Tibet

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Chinese Group Visa for visiting Tibet. How to obtain one, what is it? Those are the most obvious confusion for the International visitors proposing to visit Tibet. Here is our intake for Chinese Group Visa for visiting Tibet.

The Chinese Group visa for visiting Tibet can be related to you in two scenarios.

1. If you are coming to Tibet from Nepal, Both by flight or overland journey from Nepal to Tibet.

2. Yours a big group,  and Applying for the Chinese Visa with a group Visa invitation from Tibet Tourism Bureau.

What is Chinese Group visa?

The Chinese Group Visa is a special visa issued by respected Chinese Embassy base on above scenarios.

It is a set of two A4 sized Paper VISA. It contains all the personal details of the group members including; Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Occupation, Your passport number, and Nationality. And the Date of Entry and Exit. This Visa could be valid for Your journey in Tibet and your extended journey in other parts of China.

 Out of two set of it. One is for arrival and other is to use while existing the country.Chinese group visa, Chinese Group Visa for visiting Tibet

Following this, I will explain about the Chinese Group visa in two above mention scenarios

A) Chinese Group Visa from Nepal ( Nepal to Tibet tours)

If a visitors are coming to Tibet from Nepal. It is mandatory for all to apply for a Chinese Group Visa from Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. Your Chinese Visa from home will be revoked. because no individual can hold two valid VISA.

How can I apply for Chinese Group Visa from Nepal?

If you have had made your mind to get into Tibet from Nepal. Please do not get the usual tourist Chinese Visa on your passport already. It is mandatory to get the Chinese group visa from the Embassy in Nepal.

As soon as you booked your tour with a local travel agency in Lhasa, please tell them about how are you planning to get into Tibet. You will have to send them a scanned copy of the passports for making permit and Chinese Group visa invitation from Tibet Tourism Bureau.

Once when you Tibet travel permit is done, The travel agency will send your Visa invitation to their associated with Nepal. which can guarantee the approval of your Chinese Group Visa from the Embassy in Nepal.

Chinese Embassy will not entertain individual applicant for the group Visa and it has to be applied through a local agency who are registered with them.

It normally takes three business days for the Chinese Group visa process, so you will have to arrive three to more days prior to your departure to Tibet.

Here are the Steps is obtaining your Chinese Group Visa for visiting Tibet.

  1.  Book the tour with Tibetan travel agency in Lhasa
    The first step is to find a suitable travel agency and the tour itinerary and book a tour with them. The travel agency in Lhasa will have to send a visa invitation from the Tibet Tourism Bureau to you in Nepal
  2. Send your passport copy and Hotel information.
    You will have to send them a clear scan copy of your Passport ( the one which, you will use for Tibet tour) and you will also have to send them a clear information about your hotel in Nepal.
  3. Visa invitation and Tibet travel permit
    when you travel agency will have all the required information, they will initiate the Tibet travel permit and your visa invitation.
    Upon arriving at Nepal, you will be contacted by their partner agency in Nepal. he will help you make the visa. You will need to consider three business days for the Visa to finish

Here a price list of the Visa as per the Chinese consulate website.

Nationalities Number of entries Normal Urgent Critical
United states Single 140 USD 155 USD 175 USD
Canada Single 120 USD 135 USD 155 USD
Herzegovina Single 17 USD 35 USD 55 USD
Bosnia Single 17 USD 35 USD 55 USD
Maldives Single 17 USD 35 USD 55 USD
Albania Single 17 USD 35 USD 55 USD
Pakistan Single 17 USD 35 USD 55 USD
Serbian Single 15USD 40 USD 52 USD
Montenegro Single 41 USD 59 USD 95 USD
Romania Single 80USD 95 USD 115 USD
Others Single 50 USD 65 USD 85 USD


The Local Nepalese agency may charge USD 20-50 per person for their services. The consulate accepts group visa application is only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (except Chinese holidays).

Duration of Visa Process

It will take three business days for the Visa process, there are no one or two Days Emergency visa services. So please arrival in Nepal with enough window for the Visa process and to leave for Lhasa on the fourth day.

Chinese Group Visa from Home (Other parts of China to Tibet)

It is the very rare scenario for travelers coming to Tibet in the group Visa from their home to other cities of China and to Lhasa. However rare it may be, it is happening and creating lots of Inconvenient and frustration for visitors. So we think it is very important for all the travel to read this once and have an idea about it.

Some time mainly travel agencies aboard would like to have a Visa Invitation from the travel agency in Lhasa to avoid visa hassles. If you are going ask you travel agency in Lhasa for a group, most likely they will send you a visa invitation consisting all the group members details under one invitation. This will automatically generate Group Visa on a piece of Paper not the individual Visa on your passport.

What does Group Visa Means?

The Group Visa is for the entire group members, there for all the group members listed in the Visa. Everyone will have to Enter into China and exit from China at the same period of Time, together from the same port. They are very no option for extending the Visa and separating one or two individuals from the group visa once after arriving in China.

So if you are in a group and if everyone has a different plan in arriving and Departing from China. Getting a group Visa is not a very good option.

What are the best solutions?

If you are getting into hard in securing a Visa for your group members. The Best solution is to seek an individual tourist Visa for all the group members with an individual visa invitation.  Your travel agency in Lhasa can send you the breakdown visa Invitations. I know it is going to be more work for your local travel agency. But at the end, it will save the groups from Lots of hassles and confusions.

When you apply for the Chinese Visa. You will have told them all are separate groups. which means they will issue an individual Visa for all

Last Word

If you are coming to Tibet from Other parts of China. It is not a very good Idea to get Chinese Group Visa from Home. Rather, it is best to get individual Chinese Visa on the passport. There is an option to get the individual visa in the passport. Therefore gives group members more flexibility in China.

If you are coming to Tibet from Nepal. And if you some of your group members have a different plan after the Tibet tour. Hence it is best to get different Visa invitation for the subgroups for more flexibility.

If you have more question about obtaining Chinese Group visa for visiting Tibet, please do contact us. You don’t need to book the tour with us for getting free consultancy from us.

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