Tibet Nepal Border officially reopened after closure for two and half year. Now all the international visitor can travel between Tibet Autonomous Region and Nepal.

After being closed for last two and half year since April 2015 earthquake in Nepal. The Border port for Overland crossing Nepal and Tibet is finally reopen to the international visitors on 28th August 2017 with the announcement made by Tibet Tourism Development Committee formally known as Tibet Tourism Bureau. So from now on foreign visitors can enter into Tibet or exit from Tibet by the overland route. Now one of the most astonishing overland traveling route on the planet is open for the travelers. Before the closure, the overland journey from Lhasa to Kathmandu along with the Mount Everest Base camp and Journey from Lhasa to Kailash and into Nepal are two most popular travel routes.

Tibet Nepal Border officially reopened after closure for two and half year

Kyirong Border

Kyirong Port ( The New Port)

Prior to the Earthquake in Nepal and Himalaya regions in Tibet, China. The port town of Zhangmu (Dram འགྲམ།樟木) in the Nyalam Country in Shigatse prefecture is the Main port border crossing between to nation. Due to major damages, the town suffers in the earthquake. The Government has shifted the borders port to County of Kyirong (སྐྱིད་གྲོང་吉隆县) The New port is located 547 Kilometers from Shigatse city and 325 Kilometers from Rongbuk Monastery or the Mount Everest North BaseCamp.  Now the new border port will serve as the main port between Tibet and Nepal for all including international visitors. The roads are Paved and New.

The Town on the Nepal side is called Rasuwa Gadhi. it is located 130 Kilometer north of Kathmandu. The Road on Nepal side is said to have 80% paved and the travel time from Rasuwagadhi to Kathmandu would take 6 hours. There are Private jeeps and buses each day to take travelers to Kathmandu. We can also arrange the private pickup service from Kathmandu. 

Nepal to Tibet

If you are taking friendship highway Kathmandu to Lhasa. Here are few guidelines. Read more about coming from Nepal to Tibet

  1. You must apply for Chinese Group Visa from Chinese Embassy in Nepal.

    It is mandatory for everyone coming to Tibet from Nepal to Get the group visa from Chinese Embassy in Nepal. If you would already have the Chinese Visa, your existing visa will be canceled and issued a new group visa from the Embassy.

    Travel agency in Tibet will send your visa invitation to an approved travel agency in Nepal. That agency will apply for the group visa on your behalf.

    Visa takes three business days to process. So you will have to at least stay in Nepal for three business days. Read More here 

  2. Progressive of altitude in higher per day if coming from Nepal to Tibet.

    If you are coming from Nepal to Tibet the escalation of altitude per day is higher than as compared to the opposite route. We do not recommend any travelers in coming from Nepal to Tibet on this overland journey.

    Here the Altitude of places in Nepal Tibet Overland Journey

    Kathmandu = 1300 meters

    Rasuwa Ghadhi: 1777Meter

    Jilong SheQu: 2797 meters

    Gyirong County: 4134 Meters


Tibet to Nepal Overland through Friendship highway

If you are taking the overland journey from Lhasa to Nepal. Followings are some guidelines

  1. Tibet travel permit

    Tibet travel permit will be made by the travel agency in Tibet, for the permit, you will have to send them your passport and Visa copy. When applying for the Chinese Visa, it is best to not to mention Tibet. Yet all the major Travel agency in Tibet can send you a visa invitation. If your visa is not L category visa, you will also need to submit a letter from your host (Institution, or family).

  2. Train to Lhasa

    Taking the train from other parts of China is a better option, there are many trains from all the major cities in central China. You will need to book train ticket is well advance, last minute train ticket nearly impossible to get. I would recommend you for booking train ticket with China Highlight. they are really good and effective. Xining is the best gateway for taking the train to Tibet as all the train to Tibet merge into Qinghai-Tibet railway line. And there is a major possibility of getting the train ticket. Taking the train to Tibet does not require you to bring the original permit, hence travel agency would send you the scanned copy of Tibet travel permit. it is better to make few copies of it.

  3. Flight to Lhasa

    If you are taking flights to Tibet. The best gateway flight to Lhasa is from Chengdu. Each day there is over 13 direct flight from Chengdu to Lhasa. According to Civil Aviation Authority of China, No foreign visitor can broad into the flight to Tibet without original Tibet travel permit in hand. So you will need to talk to the travel agency about how they will send your permit to Chengdu.
    Normally, We would send the permit to the hotel in Chengdu. If you are not staying in Chengdu and taking a consecutive flight to Lhasa, we do offer Permit delivery service at the Chengdu Airport with a service charge.

  4. Tour Recommendation

    We would recommend you a ten days overland journey from Lhasa to Nepal and Our 7 Days overland group tour from Lhasa to Kyirong

We are very happy to announce that Tibet Nepal Border officially reopened after closure for two and half year.

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