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Tibet Travel

Everyone can visit Tibet. Traveling to Tibet is straightforward and super easy. Following are the essential information, you will need for your trip to Tibet.
For many first-timers, it may seem very complicating. And many online sources are very contradicting, with many often have outdated information on their site.
Tibet has never been so open for the International visitor in its history. We are a travel agency in Tibet, and our information here are authentic and up to date.

Travel regulations

Tibet Autonomous Region is an exceptional Administred region in China, and many of its areas are in the protection of the Natural reserves. So we have a particular regulation for International travelers visiting us in Tibet.
Here are some principal regulation you will need to keep in your mind
1) All the tours must be a guided tour.
2) International travelers need to have Tibet travel permit to enter into Tibet Autonomous Region
3) Your travel agency in Lhasa needs to arrange your Transportation and guide in Tibet.

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Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet travel permit is a special permit required for all the international visitors to visit Tibet. It is issued in Lhasa, and Your travel agency in Tibet has to apply it on your behalf.
There are many different types of permits; Your agency will have to take care of it. Here, we will try not confuse you with all the different kinds of it. Your professional travel agent can make all as per the Itinerary. So choose one wisely.

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Applying for Tibet travel permit

Tibet travel permit is very easy to apply. All you need to do is to send your passport and Visa copies, and we will take care of the rest. It usually takes from 20 days to a month depending on your place of visit.
If you are coming to Tibet from Nepal, You will have to send us your passport copies only. You must apply for the Chinese Group Visa from the Chinese Embassy in Nepal with our invitation. So don’t apply for a Chinese Visa from Home.

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Tibetan tour guide

For all the international visitors, all the tours in Tibet must be a guided tour. So your Travel agent will have to assign you a professional tour guide during your time in Tibet.
In Lhasa, your guide will be with you only during the guided tour in attractions like going to the Potala Palace. During your time outside of Lhasa, your guide will accompany you.

Transportations in Tibet

No international travelers are allowed to take public transportation between towns and city in Tibet. During your stay in Lhasa, you can use public transport in the city. For your journey to other parts of Tibet, we will have to arrange for you a private vehicle with a professional driver.
The road in Tibet is excellent and Paved. If the group size is significant, we will use a minibus. And for the smaller group, we will be using the minivan.

Other arrangements

Besides the arrangements mentioned above, we will arrange your hotels and other special requirements like the appointment with the mediation and yoga teacher, and for a Tibetan expert to speak about Tibetan culture and lifestyle.

How to get to Tibet

There is two primary gateway to reach Tibet. One is from Nepal, and another is from other parts of China.

  • From other parts of China
  • From Nepal

Getting to Tibet from Nepal

If you are going to Tibet from Nepal, You will need to get the Chinese group visa from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. It will take three business days for you to get the Chinese Group visa. You can either take flights to Lhasa or Overland Journey to Tibet.

Flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa 

The only international flight to Lhasa is from Kathmandu. In the Summer times, there are two daily flights. But, in the lower season in winter there is an only one flight.

The overland journey between Nepal and Tibet

You can travel overland from Nepal to Tibet. But we don’t recommend International visitors to do Nepal to Tibet overland Journey, as the increase of the elevation per day in this journey is very high. It is not safe such a rapid increase of the height in the number of days. Instead, we will highly recommend travelers in doing Tibet to Nepal overland tour.

Getting to Tibet from Other parts of China

From the Other parts of China to Tibet. There are three different ways to reach Tibet; Fights to Tibet, Train to Tibet and Overland Journey to Tibet.

Flights to Tibet 

There are flights to Lhasa from all the major cities in China. If you are taking flights to Lhasa, you will need the original Tibet travel permit in hand before getting on the flight to Tibet.
Many websites tell you will need to Tibet travel permit to buy the flight tickets. But in reality, you will not need it. Book your flight ticket with us. Read More about the Flight to Tibet

Train to Tibet 

Taking the train to Tibet from other parts of China is more economically and often recommend for the acclimatization of the high elevation of Tibet. There are seven major train routes to Tibet.
If you are taking the train ride to Lhasa, you will not need to show the original Tibet Travel Permit. And we will only send you a scanned copy of your Tibet travel permit. You will have to make two print out of your travel permit. We recommend you to make one copy in color and another in Black and White. Read more about trains to Tibet here.

Overland Journey to Tibet

Traveling overland to Tibet is an epic journey. If you are driving your car from home country, you can do the ancient tea route from Yunnan to Lhasa. This route is the best travel route in Tibet.
Otherwise, there are two options for the overland route between Tibet and other parts of China. One is between Xining and Lhasa, and Another is Lhasa to Kashgar. In this both route we will have to arrange private transport for you. Here are some overland tours we can offer you.

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