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Tibet travel to become easier for foreigners

2019-01-18T10:45:01+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet travel info|

Tibet travel to become easier for foreigners. Overseas tourists will find it easier and faster to apply for a travel permit to Tibet this year as the regional government makes efforts to boost tourism. Tibet Autonomous Region plans to cut the time for issuing travel permits to overseas tourists by half in 2019, Qi Zhala, chairman

Tara, Tibetan’s fairy godmother

2019-01-18T10:45:04+00:00Categories: Religion|

Tara- The fairy godmother of Tibetan; Growing up in a devoted Tibetan Buddhist family. My mother has the best ways telling me about the Buddhism and its philosophy. She would always tell me about her as my fairy godmother. Sometimes I always believe I am her Son not to my real mother's. Ever since I can

Top 100 Basic Tibetan Phrases to know in Tibet

2019-01-18T10:45:04+00:00Categories: Culture, Tibet travel info|

Here are Top 100 basic Tibetan Phrases to know while in Tibet. with the help of some basic Tibetan, Phrases can light up your vacation in Tibet. We understand Learning a new language isn't an easy task.  When this new language is Tibet, the difficulty of the task would transform into impossible. however hard it might be, it

House of Shambhala

2019-01-18T11:13:33+00:00Categories: Blog|

House of Shambhala Hotel in one of  the best Tibetan boutique guest house in Lhasa and the entire Tibet. You can find this beautiful Tibet styles Hotel in the maze of alleyways from The eastern Barkhor street. This Hotel has nine rooms uniquely decorated with traditional Tibetan décor and furniture. The rooms are washed in

Tibetan family kitchen

2019-01-18T10:45:12+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet travel info|

Tibetan family Kitchen  and their Cooking class in Lhasa can be a good flavor in your Tibetan experience. The only cooking class in Lhasa,Tibet. The Tibetan Family Kitchen has been a very popular destination for every travel agency to invite clients (travelers) for either welcome or farewell dinner, which is both for us. Along bustling street

how to go to Tibet from China

2019-03-27T14:02:06+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet travel info|

How to go to Tibet from China? This is the most prominent question many Travelers has while planing in visiting Tibet. I hope post of mine would help travelers to make an informed decision in planning your Tibet tour ahead. How to go to Tibet from China? There are two popular travel routes for getting into

Tibetan Yak butter tea

2019-01-18T11:13:36+00:00Categories: Culture|

Tibetan Yak butter tea, one of the top twenty recommended Tibet travel experiences by the Lonely planet 2015. Truly a marvelous Tibet tour guide book. We too strongly suggest our clients try in once when they are Tibet. Recently a friend and annually clients and greatest source of recommendations, who live in shanghai ask if I

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