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Tibet travel to become easier for foreigners

2019-01-18T10:45:01+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet travel info|

Tibet travel to become easier for foreigners. Overseas tourists will find it easier and faster to apply for a travel permit to Tibet this year as the regional government makes efforts to boost tourism. Tibet Autonomous Region plans to cut the time for issuing travel permits to overseas tourists by half in 2019, Qi Zhala, chairman [...]

Ten things to know before visiting Chengdu

2019-01-18T10:45:02+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet travel info|

Ten things to know before visiting Chengdu. Home to more than 14 million people and roughly the size of Los Angeles, California,  Chengdu has the reputation of being a very “laid-back” city for its extraordinary size.  While Beijing may be the home of national government and the historical Hutongs and Shanghai is China’s economic center, Chengdu is one [...]

A Personal Account for Guge and Kailash Journey by Alexandra Nilsson (Denmark)

2019-01-18T10:45:02+00:00Categories: Blog|

This post of A Personal Account for Guge and Kailash Journey wrote by Alexandra Nilsson (Denmark). She joined us for Our group tour from Lhasa to Mount Kailash and the Guge Kingdom. "Did you feel the energy?" Tenzin Woaber asked while accompanying me to the shuttle bus taking me to the airport after a 17 day trip [...]

Top 100 Basic Tibetan Phrases to know in Tibet

2019-01-18T10:45:04+00:00Categories: Culture, Tibet travel info|

Here are Top 100 basic Tibetan Phrases to know while in Tibet. with the help of some basic Tibetan, Phrases can light up your vacation in Tibet. We understand Learning a new language isn't an easy task.  When this new language is Tibet, the difficulty of the task would transform into impossible. however hard it might be, it [...]

House of Shambhala

2019-01-18T11:13:33+00:00Categories: Blog|

House of Shambhala Hotel in one of  the best Tibetan boutique guest house in Lhasa and the entire Tibet. You can find this beautiful Tibet styles Hotel in the maze of alleyways from The eastern Barkhor street. This Hotel has nine rooms uniquely decorated with traditional Tibetan décor and furniture. The rooms are washed in [...]

The Common misconception about Tibet Tourism

2019-01-18T10:45:08+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet travel info|

The common misconception about Tibet tourism In this post we will share some common misconception traveler encounter. We are a local Tibetan travel agency. We have the day to day experiences in Organizing tours and getting travelers to visit Tibet. Following are The common misconception about Tibet tourism Information base on our practical knowledge Visit Tibet is [...]

Trekking in Lhasa city, Trekking to Sera Utse

2019-01-18T10:45:10+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet out door, Tibet travel info|

Trekking in Lhasa city is one of least focus area in Tibet tourism market. But recently due to an increase in the cost of travelling in Tibet outside the Lhasa city we need to refocus our attention on more activities in Lhasa rather than trying to send off everyone outside the Lhasa city. Another reason for [...]

How much does it cost for traveling to Tibet

2019-01-18T10:45:11+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet travel info|

How much does it cost for traveling in Tibet? This is the most important question many travelers have before visiting Tibet. Traveling to Tibet is much costlier than any other places in the world. There are many sets of rules for international travel, which plays a very important role in determining the cost of travel. Here are some [...]

Tibet in 60 seconds, A quick Tibet Guide

2019-02-25T05:27:04+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet travel info|

A quick guide to Tibet, Everything you need to know for a trip to Tibet, the roof of the world. One awesome Tibet Video Haiku about Tibet Devotion to the holiest Land of pure wilderness and the mighty Himalayas at nearest At #mount #Everest #basecamp in Tibet A photo posted by I-tibet-travel (@itibettravel) on Apr 23, [...]

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