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This is the Blog categories of the I-Tibet travel. A Tibetan travel agency in Tibet‘s website. Here, we will be writing about the articles about topic relating to Tibet tourism and travel. additionally, We will also write articles about Tibetan culture and tradition.

We write about all the topic we think would interest our readers. If you have a interesting topics about Tibet, Tibetan and traveling to Tibet. We will happy comply with your request and will make the post as soon as possible.

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Ten things to know before visiting Chengdu

Ten things to know before visiting Chengdu. Home to more than 14 million people and roughly the size of Los Angeles, California,  Chengdu has the reputation of being a very “laid-back” city for its extraordinary size.  While Beijing may be the home of national government and the historical Hutongs and Shanghai is [...]

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A Personal Account for Guge and Kailash Journey by Alexandra Nilsson (Denmark)

This post of A Personal Account for Guge and Kailash Journey wrote by Alexandra Nilsson (Denmark). She joined us for Our group tour from Lhasa to Mount Kailash and the Guge Kingdom. "Did you feel the energy?" Tenzin Woaber asked while accompanying me to the shuttle bus taking me to the [...]

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Meditation is that which gives you profound rest. It is a movement in which the practitioner just sits and enables the mind to disintegrate. Truthfully meditation is not concentration. It is de-concentration. With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, many individuals feel stressed and over-worked. It frequently feels like there is [...]

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Top 100 Basic Tibetan Phrases to know in Tibet

Here are Top 100 basic Tibetan Phrases to know while in Tibet. with the help of some basic Tibetan, Phrases can light up your vacation in Tibet. We understand Learning a new language isn't an easy task.  When this new language is Tibet, the difficulty of the task would transform into impossible. [...]

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The Common misconception about Tibet Tourism

The common misconception about Tibet tourism In this post we will share some common misconception traveler encounter. We are a local Tibetan travel agency. We have the day to day experiences in Organizing tours and getting travelers to visit Tibet. Following are The common misconception about Tibet tourism Information base on [...]

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Songtsen Gampo སྲོང་བཙན་སྒམ་པོ་

Songtsen Gampo, སྲོང་བཙན་སྒམ་པོ་ is one of the most prominent names you will hear during your vocation to Tibet. So we thought it would be necessary to write a post about him so that our visitor have a little ideas about who he is and why he plays a very important role [...]

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Buddhist Wheel of Life or Bhavacakra

Buddhist wheel of life or Bhavacakra is one of the Most important paintings in Tibetan Buddhism, The initial drawing was design by Buddha himself. Buddha really encourage this painting to be painted outside every Buddhist temples and monastery. The reason for this to painted out side all the Buddhist temple and the monastery [...]

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