How to get Tibet travel permit. Tibet travel permit is a prerequisite for every international traveler traveling into Tibet. But getting for the Tibet Travel permit is relatively easy. Here are the guides by  Lhasa base Travel agency.

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Things to know about how to get Tibet travel permit.

The condition for getting Tibet travel permit is to make sure you tell your travel agency about your plan to come to Tibet. Following are few guidelines on getting Tibet travel permit.

1) The first thing to consider is with whom you will book your tour.

There are many travel website providing different information about the permit and many makes promise to make a faster permit. In reality, if one Local travel agency can make the permit, others can too. There is no much difference in the eye of government in terms of making the permit. Every International travel agency in Lhasa has the capability in making permits, therefore Every tour provider in Lhasa can make permit with they help.
It is always nice to book your tour with the local travel agency and local tour providers, for the reason of local knowledge. In many books and travel website, it always encourages travelers to choose Tibetan travel agency in Lhasa

2) The second thing to consider in applying Tibet travel permit is when would you travel.

Tibet travel permit is issued by Local Tibet Tourism Bureau. Hence Only registered local Travel agency in Lhasa can apply it on your behalf. You will need to book the tour with them in order for them to able to make your permit. Continue reading here more about Applying for the permit.

3) The third thing to consider is how you are entering Tibet.

Many travelers are asking us to send them their Tibet travel permit before departing from home. And it is nearly impossible. Tibet tourism bureau finishes processing the permit about a week before the actual date arrival date. Therefore, we would have it in our hand a four to three days before your arrival. There is no way we could send it to your home country. Tibet travel permit waits for you in the domestic jurisdiction of PRC. Following are different scenarios in getting the permit.

  • If you are planning to enter into Tibet from Nepal.

    You must apply for Chinese Group Visa from the Chinese embassy in Nepal. Hence your travel agency in Tibet has to send you a visa invitation to Nepal. You will get your visa invitation letter once when you are in Nepal. In Nepal, you have to seek some one’s help for your visa, for that, we have the agent in Kathmandu to help you with the Visa. It takes 3 to 4 business days(please consider checking for National Holidays of PRC and the International holidays) to get your visa. The visa processing fees and the service may differ.
    Your Permit will stay in Tibet, It will be in your guide hand either at the land border or at the Airport if you are taking flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa.

  • If coming in from other parts of China

    If you are coming to Tibet from other parts of China, including taking transits from any major city of China. Your permits wait in the city of initial landing. There are two ways of getting your permit in other cities of China.

  1. If you are staying overnight in those first landing cities. For example, if you are touching down in Beijing and staying one night or more in Beijing. We will send your permit to the Hotels or lodging you will be staying.
  2. If you are only taking the transits in those airports, Our Agent will come to the airport to deliver your permit at the airport during your transit time. So Please make sure asking your travel agency for the phone number of the person delivering your permit. We do the transit delivery only to Chengdu and Beijing Airport.
  3. If you are coming by train from other parts of China, you do not have to show the original Tibet travel permit so far. The print copy will do. Our travel agency will send you the scan copy of your permit in electronic mail (Email). Please make three copy of it. Two black and white copy and One color copy.

4) Please read about the Tibet travel regulations for the particular year.

It is very very important to have an update information about the tourism policy of the regional government of Tibet and regulations each and every year, here is a link to Tibet Travel Update

how to get Tibet travel permit

Document Require Applying for Your Permit

Valid passport copy of you and your entire group members, Please send the copy of passport on which you will get the visa and which you will bring. Sometimes some people have more than one passport and they end up getting confused.
VISA copy, is required if flying directly into the People’s republic of China. and it is not required if coming in from Nepal as you will have to apply for the visa in Chinese Embassy in Nepal with Our visa invitation letter.
If your Visa is not L (which is for tourist). You must bring acknowledgment letter from your host in China, Therefore from your employer if working in China, From you university, if studying in China and likewise.

Please remember, the copy of your passport and other documents should be extremely clear. You should able to read your name and in the photo, you should able to see your own face. it’s easier to just take a picture from your smartphone and send it.

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