In this post about How to go to Tibet from Nepal?. We will be covering; Tibet Travel permit, Chinese Group Visa with procedure in applying for the Group Visa, and Travel route from Nepal to Tibet.

Unlike traveling to other parts of China, Traveling to Tibet requires a little more extra documents and extra procedures which are why traveling to Tibet has been prejudice as an extremely difficult place to get into. Yet in reality, if you have a right information about how to visit Tibet. Getting to Tibet is very easy and very convenient.

Chinese group visa, how to go to Tibet from Nepal

Visa and Tibet travel permit

The first thing you will need to know is the flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa is the only direct international flight into Tibet. This is why Tibet travel regulation is different from That of those coming from another part of China. Besides all the tour need to be organized by a Local travel agency in Lhasa, you must get Chinese group visa from Chinese Embassy in Nepal. Otherwise, the customs office in Lhasa will not accept your regular Chinese visa and you will have to take a next expensive flight back to Nepal.

Chinese group visa is issued on a piece of paper rather than on your passport.

Potala palace, how to go to Tibet from Nepal

Procedure in Applying for Chinese Group Visa

Here are the detail procedure in applying for Chinese group visa

1st) Book a tour

First and foremost you will have to book a tour with a Local travel agency in Lhasa. When booking your tour, you will need to clearly tell them that you are coming to Tibet from Nepal.

2nd) Visa invitation

After booking your tour, you will need to send a copy of your passport to the travel agency. They will start making your permit. please consider sending it before 25 days before your tour date or more. by the end of Tibet permit procedure, they will send you visa invitation to their partner travel agency. you will have to go to that agency and give them your passport for getting the visa.

We often highly recommend our clients to visit them (our partner agency) at their office. At the beginning of 2016. I have a client coming to Tibet from Nepal. at last minute he didn’t trust our partner agency and he chooses to go to the Embassy directly with the copy of visa invitation and he was not granted the visa and lost all his deposit money. So you will have to give your passport to them to make your group visa.

3rd) Chinese group visa fees 

The visa fees for group visa differ from countries to countries and urgency of the visa requirement. I often ask my clients to make three last days in Kathmandu for applying for normal fees. following is the Chinese group visa fees as per the nationalities and urgency.

Nationalities Number of entries Normal Urgent Critical
United states Single 140 USD 155 USD 175 USD
Canada Single 120 USD 135 USD 155 USD
Herzegovina Single 17 USD 35 USD 55 USD
Bosnia Single 17 USD 35 USD 55 USD
Maldives Single 17 USD 35 USD 55 USD
Albania Single 17 USD 35 USD 55 USD
Pakistan Single 17 USD 35 USD 55 USD
Serbian Single 15USD 40 USD 52 USD
Montenegro Single 41 USD 59 USD 95 USD
Romania Single 80USD 95 USD 115 USD
Others Single 50 USD 65 USD 85 USD

Duration of Visa Process

Now, the Chinese Embassy in Nepal has Cancel one-day Critical visa service as well as the two days urgent services too. So as of now, the only option available is three and four days Normal Visa service.

Please check here for the holidays at Chinese Embassy Kathmandu and other details 

ritual items at the Tibetan monastery

 Tibet travel permit

Once when you are notified by the travel agency in Lhasa about the visa invitation being sent to their partner agency in Nepal. it also indicates that your Tibet travel permit is issued too. But the Tibet permit should remain within the domestic jurisdiction of China. So it will be with your guide waiting for you are the border either at the airport or border port.

So it is relatively easier to meet your guide.

The routes from Nepal to Tibet

There are only two routes from Nepal to Tibet. One if by taking flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa Gonggar Airport or by taking overland Journey to and from Tibet.

  1. Taking the flight from Nepal to Tibet

    Flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa is the only international flight in Tibet autonomous region currently. In the summer times, there are several flights in a day and in the winter there is only one flight and I would like to remind all for booking the flight ticket in advance.

  2. Overland tours from Nepal to Tibet

    Now The Tibet Tourism Bureau is issuing Tibet Travel Permit for International Visitors for Overland Journey from and to Nepal. Please read here for more update about Tibet tourism Updates.  We would like to recommend everybody to first come to Lhasa by flight and then leave Tibet for Nepal Via Overland journey.

    By this way, there is a better opportunity for Acclimatization in Lhasa area before heading to the higher altitude near the Himalayas. If your itinerary consists both China ( Tibet and any other part of it) and Nepal. It is a better option to first come to China and then go to Nepal.

Tibetan hearth in local resturent, how to go to Tibet from Nepal


Recently, when we told our clients about the Chinese group visa. They had already applied for a Chinese visa from Home and they do not have free days for group visa. We told them to get buy a flight ticket from Kathmandu to Chengdu and buy another flight from Chengdu to Lhasa. In this way we could He could skip the Chinese group visa.

So We think if you want to go to Tibet from Nepal without making the Chinese group visa. We would suggest you take the flight from Nepal to Chengdu. Take another flight to Lhasa or take the train to Lhasa. Our agency will send someone to deliver you your permit at the airport if you are taking another flight to Lhasa.  read here on how to get your Tibet travel permit

This post explains everything we know about How to go to Tibet from Nepal, from our ten years of operational experiences.

if you want to know more about the Tibet travel information please do let us know. we can be reached at or you can find us on WhatsApp or Wechat.

Woaber’s mobile number is +86 181 0899 2271. We would highly recommend all the traveler download and start using WeChat. Everyone in Tibet uses it. This App will help you communicate better with your guide and tour operator.

Read here for How to go to Tibet from another part of China

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