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Going to Travel Tibet

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Going to Travel Tibet, but I am confused? This is the most frequent question and biggest confusion, Our web visitors faces. The question is, how to go to Tibet? or how to travel to Tibet? Many people think traveling to Tibet is too complicating but in the real sense if you have a right information about

Tibet budget tour

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Tibet Budget tour: If you are an international traveler or a backpackers wish to visit Tibet within their budget and explore the Tibet to the Maximum possibility, this is the post for you. In here we will be discussing the ways to Make your Journey to Tibet inexpensive and Yet enjoyable. Join a Group Tour First of all

Norbulingka ནོར་བུ་གླིང་ཀ།།

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Norbulingka Palace, the summer palace for the successive Dalai Lamas. It is a popular place for Locals for a picnic and the very popular tourist destination in Lhasa. The palace is under the protection of UNESCO under the extension of Potala Palace. during your visit, you will see the Tibetan architectural from different centuries and blend of

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