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Booking Tibet tour? Unlike any other travel agency. Our procedure of booking Tibet tour is more humanly approach. When you are sending us the inquiry we would like you to have a little idea about what would you like to do, place you would like to visit and your interest in the trip to Tibet. With this little information, we will explore all the possible option with you and coin your absolute unique tour itinerary to fit your requirement and expectation.

here are the procedure booking Tibet tour with us at I Tibet travel and tours service

Step 1:-Rapport building for booking China Tibet tours

In this initial stage of booking Tibet tours, we will try to know you personally, know you likes and dislikes, and the things which makes you interest in visiting Tibet. This is very important steps in making your Tibet tour into reality. We understand every one is unique and have unique needs. With respecting you and your need, interest. we would discuss the tour itinerary and the experience you might get from the tour. Over the years of being a tour guide we understand what normal and of no big thing could be a very mesmerizing experience for you. This would be done with some sessions over skype or the mail exchange.

Step 2:- Coining the tour itinerary

In the second step we will be coining your tour itinerary. In this process you are much encourage to actively participate in coining your tour itinerary. with knowing your interest and other information from your end. you are welcome to bring tour samples from other Tibet tour booking website. We will provide you with the options and all the necessary information which might help you to make the proper discussion. The final discussion would be in your hand, but we and our years of experience in travelling extensively in our land would be your at your disposal. We would give the inside form our wisdom of Tibet tours and travel.

Step 3:- finalizing the itinerary

After discussing all the possible options to meet your needs and requirement for your tours. We would have you made the final choice. We know you are the master of your tour. we will not have a very strict tour itinerary, there would some flexibility for your acclimatization and change of mind at last minute, but we would not be able to make the major changes once when we make the permit as place of visit has to be mentioned in the permit.

Step 4:- booking Tibet tour

Once when we have the tour itinerary and date fix, you will have to book the tour by sending 10% of total price of the tour service. This is to assure us the you are coming in for real. We will have to make your permit, book your guide, the cab during the tour and the hotels. From our end we have to pay some advance amount to book the best of the best for your tour. Once the tour is book there would be no option to change the itineraries but you could try to make changes in the itinerary and the tour. you will also have to send me the copy of your passport and visa copy, and letter from your employer in china or university if you don’t have L visa which is a tourist visa.

Step 5:- Last minute preparation

Some days before your start leaving your last point to Tibet. we will have a rapport building with your guide and driver (if possible) on skype. This would help you and your guide to know better and have a friendly relationship while on tour. We encourage you to remind us about the special things we need to keeping in our mind specially like your diet, medical condition, allergies and any other thing we might need to know. we will have all these information registered in our things to remember list but it good to have it remind at last minute. you might also want to tell us if there are thing you might need us to prepare like oxygen, altitude sickness medicine and any thing which might be important to have it.

You will be encourage to give us your contact number. as we might need it if you are taking a transit in other cities in China. our delivery boy might need it to call you. you are encourage to keep our phone number handy.

Step 6:- Arrival and discussion

on your arrival we encourage you to have a good rest initially due to the high altitude. after taking a proper rest either me or my wife would come to meet you are the hotel. We will have some welcome kit for each and every member in the group. we will discuss the tour in detail with your tour guide, driver and me to make it clear for them. their might have some suggestions which might be a valuable for making a best tour for you. After the discussion you will be either invite for the dinner with cultural show, or a dinner by considering your eagerness at the time or we can postpone it to later date.

You will be encourage to bring the remaining 90% of your tour price in cash in form of dollar. this you safe you lots of time by going to the banks and limitation we have in using credit card. bringing cash would also safe you 4% there charge on bank transfer or using card. it is also more convenient for us. but you are the boss and it your call. more important thing is you will have to pay within first two days of your arrival. This would help me book your tour service like hotels in continuing tour.

Booking Tibet tour

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