How to apply Tibet travel permit? is the is the biggest Question all the visitor has, Before coming to Tibet. Tibet travel permit is issued by Tibet tourism bureau in Lhasa. Your travel agency in Lhasa can apply it for you in Lhasa.

What is Tibet travel permit

Tibet Travel permit is mandatory for all the foreigner visiting Tibet autonomous region of China, this permit is issued by Tibet tourism bureau. that permit is known as Tibet entry permit. it is popularly referred as Tibet visa though it is a wrong term.

Any travel agencies with local presences in Lhasa can apply your Tibet travel permit for you. So it is always best to book your tour with one.

Most popular travel websites also refer this Document as Tibet Visa, and there is nothing such as Tibet visa. Tibet is officially a province of China and Chinese Visa is the only visa require to travel to Tibet. Additional to the Chinese visa, travelers need a special permit called Tibet travel permit. This permit is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa.

Now coming back to the main topic of the Post.

How to Apply Tibet Travel permit or Tibet entry permit.

Only a travel agency based in Lhasa can apply for Tibet travel permit. No travel agency provides Tibet travel permit only services. You will need to book a tour service from them including the private tour guide and Private Tour vehicle at least.

Once when you establish the tour services and booked the tour will need to send them your visa and passport copies for them to apply for your Tibet entry permit.

How long does it take to apply for Tibet travel permit?

The duration for applying the permit depends on the journey places. If you are traveling to Mount Kailash region of Tibet, it would at least require around 25 days to Make your permit. if you can visit Lhasa city only it would take about 7 to 10 days and if you are visiting central Tibet including the Mount Everest region, you would at least need about 15 to 20 days to Make you permit.

What are the Documents required to apply for The permit?

You will have sent your passport copy and the visa copy if you are coming from Other provinces of China. But if you are coming from Nepal. you will need to Apply for a group Visa and you can only send your passport copies.

Sometimes, some travelers would not have Chinese visa ready and they do not have much time for the Tibet travel permit. In such case, they can opt to send their Passport copy first and your travel agency in Lhasa can initiate the Tibet permit application. but they would need the Chinese visa to complete the process.

how to apply for tibet travel permit

What if the Visa application gets rejected?

Most travel website for Tibet says, travelers, not to mention about Tibet plans while applying for the Chinese Visa. Yet, when a traveler applies for a Chinese visa, The embassy would ask them to submit the flight ticket, hotel booking, and itinerary etc. Which become very hard hide. Many of our clients would not mention the Tibet plan yet their flight ticket would mention Lhasa on it.

If your visa is rejected for no reason, the best solution would be to ask your travel agency in Lhasa to send you a visa invitation. we send the visa invitations to more than 75% of all our clients and none of them was rejected so far.

How to get the Tibet travel permit?

It primarily depends on the mode of transportation if you are coming from China. And if you are coming from Nepal.

If you are taking a train to Lhasa.  you need a copy of Tibet travel permit. You will not require the original permit for you. If they are not issuing the train ticket for the copy, try the next counter. they will surely issue your ticket.

If you are taking flight from another part of China to Lhasa. you will need an original travel permit in your hand while boarding the flight. You can ask your travel agency to send the original copy to your hotel. Many travelers would not prefer to stay an overnight in other parts of China in such case, travel agency would assign someone in that Chinese City to deliver you your permit at the airport.

The majority of the travel agency in Lhasa would prefer Chengdu city for the transit and permit delivery.

We always ask every traveler to transit at the Chengdu for more reliable delivery. read more about here.

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How to apply Tibet Travel permit

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