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3011, 2017


Meditation is that which gives you profound rest. It is a movement in which the practitioner just sits and enables the mind to disintegrate. Truthfully meditation is not concentration. It is de-concentration. With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, many individuals feel stressed and over-worked. It frequently feels like there is no sufficient time in the day to complete everything. Our anxiety and tiredness make us troubled, anxious and baffled. It can even influence our wellbeing. We are frequently so bustling we feel there is no opportunity to stop and meditate! In any case, meditation really gives you additional time by [...]

3108, 2017

Tibet Nepal Border officially reopened

Tibet Nepal Border officially reopened after closure for two and half year. Now all the international visitor can travel between Tibet Autonomous Region and Nepal. After being closed for last two and half year since April 2015 earthquake in Nepal. The Border port for Overland crossing Nepal and Tibet is finally reopen to the international visitors on 28th August 2017 with the announcement made by Tibet Tourism Development Committee formally known as Tibet Tourism Bureau. So from now on foreign visitors can enter into Tibet or exit from Tibet by the overland route. Now one of the most astonishing overland traveling route [...]

308, 2017

Tara, Tibetan’s fairy godmother

Tara- The fairy godmother of Tibetan; Growing up in a devoted Tibetan Buddhist family. My mother has the best ways telling me about the Buddhism and its philosophy. She would always tell me about her as my fairy godmother. Sometimes I always believe I am her Son not to my real mother's. Ever since I can remember, I have been devoted to her. Which later is realize she is my Soul Yidam. All my prayers and inspiration comes from her stories. Today I am going to write a little bit about Tara. A little bit about Tara Tara (Tib. སྒྲོལ་མ, [...]

1606, 2017

Top 100 Basic Tibetan Phrases to know in Tibet

Here are Top 100 basic Tibetan Phrases to know while in Tibet. with the help of some basic Tibetan, Phrases can light up your vacation in Tibet. We understand Learning a new language isn't an easy task.  When this new language is Tibet, the difficulty of the task would transform into impossible. however hard it might be, it would be nice for every traveler to memorize a handful of Tibetan word before venturing to Tibet. For you, we gathered 100 of the most basic Tibetan phrases that are sure to make your life easier while traveling to Tibet. Basic Tibetan Phrases for greetings Basic [...]

404, 2017

How to apply Tibet Travel permit (Tibet Visa)

How to apply Tibet travel permit? is the is the biggest Question all the visitor has, Before coming to Tibet. Tibet travel permit is issued by Tibet tourism bureau in Lhasa. Your travel agency in Lhasa can apply it for you in Lhasa. What is Tibet travel permit Tibet Travel permit is mandatory for all the foreigner visiting Tibet autonomous region of China, this permit is issued by Tibet tourism bureau. that permit is known as Tibet entry permit. it is popularly referred as Tibet visa though it is a wrong term. Any travel agencies with local presences in Lhasa [...]

2102, 2017

Chinese Group Visa for Tibet

Chinese Group Visa for visiting Tibet. How to obtain one, what is it? Those are the most obvious confusion for the International visitors proposing to visit Tibet. Here is our intake for Chinese Group Visa for visiting Tibet. The Chinese Group visa for visiting Tibet can be related to you in two scenarios. 1. If you are coming to Tibet from Nepal, Both by flight or overland journey from Nepal to Tibet. 2. Yours a big group,  and Applying for the Chinese Visa with a group Visa invitation from Tibet Tourism Bureau. What is Chinese Group visa? The Chinese Group Visa is [...]

3101, 2017

House of Shambhala

House of Shambhala Hotel is one of two Hotel in Lhasa owned by Shambhala Serei. A Tibetan chain of a boutique in China. Beside Six great Hotel in China. Majority of the hotels are in Tibet Autonomous Region of China and only one in Beijing. House of Shambhala Hotel House of Shambhala Hotel in one of the best Tibetan boutique guest house in Lhasa and the entire Tibet. You can find this beautiful Tibet styles Hotel in the maze of alleyways from The eastern Barkhor street. This Hotel has nine rooms uniquely decorated with traditional Tibetan décor and furniture. The rooms [...]

511, 2016

Tibetan Sky Burial

Tibetan sky burial ritual is one of the unique cultures we have developed over centuries. Different people have a different view of this practice.  Yet once when you understand the background propose of this burial practice, you will surely have a better understanding of our way of life and our belief systems. So let me write you about this practice in detail as possible. Propose and meaning of Tibetan sky burial Almost over 99 percent of Tibetan living in the Tibetan plateau are Buddhist. Everything traditional practice in our culture is base on the teaching of Lord Buddha, and impermanence [...]

2910, 2016

The Common misconception about traveling to Tibet

The common misconception about traveling to Tibet, In this post we will share some common misconception traveler encounter. We are a local Tibetan travel agency. We have the day to day experiences in Organizing tours and getting travelers to visit Tibet. Following are The common misconception about traveling to Tibet Information base on our practical knowledge Visit Tibet is possible for everyone The majority of Our client tells us, they thought it was impossible to visit Tibet. The fact is Tibet is never so open to foreign travel in the history of Tibet as it is now. But there are some [...]

2908, 2016

History of Tibet

History of Tibet, Tibet has a very long history. This is our effort to provide you, Tibet history summary. According to some source, our history can date back to 4500 B.C. Since our is a travel site you would like to write a brief history of Tibet for the traveler to read before coming to Tibet. We think it is very helpful if travelers have little ideas about History of Tibet and other travel-related information. Geographic origin of Tibetan Plateau About Millions of year ago, the area what is now know as Tibet and roof of the world was a sea. [...]

1308, 2016

How to go to Tibet from Nepal

Notice: Tibet Tourism Bureau is issuing Tibet travel permit for Overland Journey between Nepal and Tibet Autonomous Region. Read here  How to go to Tibet from Nepal? is the concern for many travelers who are visiting Tibet after Visiting Nepal. Going to Tibet from Nepal does seem extremely difficult, yet in reality, it is very easy and convenient. if you read this post carefully. Unlike traveling to other parts of China, Traveling to Tibet requires a little more extra documents and extra procedures which are why traveling to Tibet has been prejudice as an extremely difficult place to get into. [...]

108, 2016

Songtsen Gampo སྲོང་བཙན་སྒམ་པོ་

Songtsen Gampo, སྲོང་བཙན་སྒམ་པོ་ is one of the most prominent names you will hear during your vocation to Tibet. So we thought it would be necessary to write a post about him so that our visitor have a little ideas about who he is and why he plays a very important role in your Tibet tour itineraries. The first reason why he is so important is that he build many buildings and Temple, which are now the most prominent attractions for tourist and place for devotion for local Tibetans. For example in Lhasa both Potala palace and Jokhang was built by him. [...]

2307, 2016

Buddhist Wheel of Life or Bhavacakra

Buddhist wheel of life is one of the Most important paintings in Tibetan Buddhism, The initial drawing was design by Buddha himself. Buddha really encourage this painting to be painted outside every Buddhist temples and monastery. The reason for this to painted out side all the Buddhist temple and the monastery was to teach the profound Buddhist philosophy of life and perception to more simple-mind farmers or cowherds. So this image is just for communicating the Buddhist philosophy to general audience. The Painting of wheel of life represent Samasara, The Bhavacakra is popularly referred to as the wheel of life, and may also be [...]

2007, 2016

Tibetan marriage custom and wedding ceremony

Tibetan marriage custom is mainly influenced by your source close connect environment and our belief systems. The marriage one of the primary social institutions in Tibet. The practice of polyandry in very common in rural Tibet. Yet in the urban areas, the practice of Monogamy is more prominent.  Our marriage system has more closely associated with the social aspect of our life rather than a religious life.  Traditionally all the marriage are arranged by elder members of the family members. Our traditional way of marriage would be of four stages; Matchmaking, bride-fetching, wedding and bride's returning home. Stages of Traditional Tibetan [...]

1307, 2016

Trekking in Lhasa City part two

Trekking in Lhasa city part two is the continuation of our Trekking in Tibet post. There are lots of popular activities in Lhasa and in Tibet, which travelers normally miss during their few days visit Tibet. Tibet is not only Lhasa to Mount Everest tour, Tibet has more to offer and hiking is one of the many activities many travelers would miss out to do. So we are writing about the trekking in Lhasa city and in Tibet to enhance travelers experiences in Tibet. Today I am going to write about the two days hiking to Gephel Utse above the Drepung monastery. [...]

1806, 2016

Trekking in Lhasa city

Trekking in Lhasa city is one of least focus area in Tibet tourism market. But recently due to an increase in the cost of travelling in Tibet outside the Lhasa city we need to refocus our attention on more activities in Lhasa rather than trying to send off everyone outside the Lhasa city. Another reason for the shift of our focus in Trekking inside the Lhasa city is many of our revisiting clients would want special activities for their second and third visit, we can really limit the activities in Lhasa to visit historical places and the monastery. Sometimes our clients [...]

906, 2016

How much does it cost for traveling to Tibet.

How much does it cost for traveling in Tibet? This is the most important question many travelers has before visiting Tibet. Traveling to Tibet is much costlier than any other places in the world. There are many sets of rules for the international travel, which plays a very important role in determining the cost of travel. Here are some rules and regulation regarding the International travel which effect in increase the cost of traveling to Tibet. No Independent tours in Tibet:  it is said that no independent travels are not allowed in Tibet, hence all the tours should be a guided tour [...]

2705, 2016

Thang Tong Gyalpo

Thang tong Gyalpo Thang Tong Gyalpo or Tibetan mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo is a very important figure in understanding Tibetan culture and he is most talk about person during your travel to Tibet. especially if you are visiting Tibet in the month of September for Tibetan yogurt festival during which there is an intense Tibetan opera show in Norbulingka. Thang Tong Gyalpo was an important Shangpa Kagyu master, a famous Civil engineer, Tibetan Medicinal Doctor and Artist.  That's why you will see his statue almost everywhere in Tibet, including Restaurant, hotels, temple and during the Tibetan Opera shows. We Tibetan also bring his [...]

1505, 2016

Tibet in 60 seconds

A quick guide to Tibet, Everything you need to know for a trip to Tibet, the roof of the world. One awesome Tibet Video Haiku about Tibet Devotion to the holiest Land of pure wilderness and the mighty Himalayas at nearest At #mount #Everest #basecamp in Tibet A photo posted by I-tibet-travel (@itibettravel) on Apr 23, 2016 at 9:11pm PDT Speak like local Local Tibetan native speaks the Tibetan language (བོད་སྐད།) with a bit of difference in dialect every 100 Kilometers, Mandarin is another optional language to communicate better with local Chinese populations and officials. Chat like local The most popular Instant messaging [...]

605, 2016

Tibetan family kitchen

  Cooking class at the Tibetan family Kitchen in Lhasa can be a good flavor in your Tibet experience. The only cooking class in Lhasa,Tibet. The Tibetan Family Kitchen has been a very popular destination for every travel agency to invite clients (travelers) for either welcome or farewell dinner, which is both for us. Along bustling street of Tengyaling, which is popularly known as the tourist street. Where street wanders trying to pursue tourist buy their items by saying a word; looky, and even sometimes saying the word "I love you", just to get your attention. There is a small [...]

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