where to eat in Lhasa?

Where to eat in Lhasa?

This question is not a much of concern if you are visiting Lhasa in the summer and autumn as a majority of the best tourist oriented business would be open during these periods of a year. The concern is the Winter when all the business would be close for the slow business and harsh winter. But I hope this post could still help travelers visiting in busy season to find the better choice recommended the place to go for a supper.

Tibetan Family kitchen:

Tibetan Family kitchen is the best restaurant in Lhasa. This small family owned restaurant is one of my best choices. It is owned by a two former tour guide, a friend of mine.  The place is good for lunch and dinner for a traditional Tibetan dishes. The restaurant is located in bustling tourist street call Ten-Gyal-Ling. It is on the second floor opposite to the Summit cafe and the Shambala Hotel.

restaurant in Lhasa

If you would like to visit for dinner especially for a month of July, August, September and October, I would suggest getting an appointment with them.

The restaurant also houses a cooking class for travelers, for which they are most famous of and it is the only cooking class in Lhasa. The majority of the high-class travel agency (like us) also host a welcome dinner and farewell dinner at them. which make them super busy in times.

Where to eat in Lhasa

You can contact them at 138-8901-5053. please convey my greeting to them.

Kyichu Hotel Resturant

Kyichu Hotel is one of the best Tibetan own hotels in Lhasa. I have known them for over seven years and it is to them I place most of my VIP clients instead of five-star hotels in Lhasa. The Kyichu hotel restaurant is not busy almost all the time and you will easily get a seating.

restaurant in Lhasa

The restaurant serves the best Nepalese/ Indian food in town. It also has large varieties of local delicacies on their menu. The Kyichu hotel is a number one choices for returning visitor, how has been returning back to Tibet since last many years. They are the only restaurant

restaurant in Lhasa

They are the only restaurant with seating arrangements in the garden for the relaxing evening. The restaurant is my number one choice to take my family out for lunch.

The location of the Hotel is very convenient and walkable from Jokhang Temple.

kyichu restaurant in Lhasa

You can contact them at+86 891 633 1541  and this is a link to their trip advisory review page

Tashi Number 1

Tashi Number 1 is one of the oldest restaurants in Lhasa. They are very popular among the people how has been visiting Tibet for many times. The restaurant is located in the prime location in Tengyal-ling road. My favorite is their Bobby with seasonal cream and vegetable. It is very convenient for any traveler staying in Old city of Tibetan quarter. this is their page of trip Advisor

where to eat in Lhasa



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