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i Tibet travel: A Tibetan Travel Agency in Tibet

Tibetan travel agency in Tibet.

Tibetan travel Agency in Tibet. Established in the year 1997. We are the oldest surviving travel agency in Tibet. We are a group of local Tibet tour and travel experts. We make Tibet travel permit free of cost.

We believe Traveling to Tibet should be affordable for everyone. Therefore, we are offering most inexpensive budget group tours. Besides, we can provide personalized tours with your particular interest in mind. Our Tibet private tour packages are for the friends and family visiting Tibet.

If you need information regarding travel regulations and travel guide. We will be happy to provide your required updated information. Even if you wouldn’t book the tour with us. We don’t charge for the Travel permits for Tibet.

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Tibet travel Agency

Get a real taste of Tibet.

Experience what “traditional Tibetan” is. Additionally Meet fascinating locals and their stories. Taste local food, and beverages. Travel to the most quaint places unique in Tibet.

Tibet travel and Tours

Experience what truly interests you.

Let us know what interest you and we custom made a tour for you. There fore we will have a tour specially for you. Our every tour we do is unique.

Tibet travel and Tours

Contribute to Local economy.

As a local Tibetan tour operator. We work with small local partners so the tour money stays locally. Promoting our heritage and conserve environment is our main concern.

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tibet travel agency reviews

2018 Certificate of Excellency.

We are awarded 2018 Certificate of Excellency from the TripAdvisor. Our visitors leave a lot of wonderful review on Our Our TripAdvisor page.

Member of Tibet Eco travel collective

Member of Tibet Eco Travel collective.

We are a member of Tibet Eco Travel collective. The collective dedicated to Ecotourism Tibetan plateau.

Local Tibetan owned travel agency in Tibet

Locally based in Lhasa.

As a local based in Lhasa. We meet all our visitors and can access our office in Lhasa.

Essential Travel Guide for Tibet

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Our Tibet Tour Packages

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Tibet Overland Tours

Tibet Overland Tours. 

We offer different Overland tours in Tibet. The journey crossing the Tibetan plateau and Himalaya.

Tibet Trekking tours

Tibet Trekking Tours

All our trekking tours are Zero Ecological foot print trekking tour

Tibet Cycling Tours

Tibet Cycling Tours

We can arrange you any number of cycling tours in Tibet.

Tibet Spiritual tours

Tibet Spiritual Tours

Meditated the tranquil of the Tibet for a journey into your spiritual self.

Mount Kailash tour

Mount Kailash Tours

Visit the Holiest Mountain in the world and face the blaze of devotions

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Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Group Tour
  • Lhasa, Everest

  • 8 Days
  • $ 680/Person

more details
Lhasa to Everest and Kailash Group Tour
  •  Lhasa, Everest, Kailash
  • 15 Days

  • $ 1450/Person

more details
Lhasa to Guge and Kailash Group Tour
More Details
Tibet to Nepal overland Group Tour
  • Lhasa, Everest and Nepal

  • 7 Days

  • $ 700/Person

more details
Central Tibet Journey
  • Lhasa, Shigatse

  • 6 Days

  • $ 475 USD

more details
Lhasa City Group Tour
  • 4 Days

  • $ 295/Person

more details

Reviews from Our Clients

Jacques Carrio

The tour offered by I-Tibet travel not only responded to all our demands but went well beyond! What made the most appreciable, and appreciated, the difference was the human factor. On top of their undeniable experience and competence, I- Tibet travel should be commended for their humanitarian action in favor of the nomads. We left Lhasa with two huge bagfuls of used clothes and staple food and would stop along the way to distribute those to the most destitute. This, I believe, illustrates perfectly the overall approach of the agency to tourism in the region.

Jacques Carrio
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Travel Insurance

Simple and Flexible Tibet Travel Insurance. Buy at home or while traveling, and claim online from anywhere in the world.

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