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2904, 2016

Tibet Nepal Border Update 2017

Tibet Nepal Border Updates Tibet Nepal Border Update, Border is open,  Tibet Tourism Bureau is issuing Tibet travel permit for the overland journey between Tibet Autonomous region of China and Nepal. This could also mean the foreign visitor can undertake the overland trans-Himalaya journey from Tibet and Nepal. Instead of Zhangmu the new port is open at Kyirong. If you would like to travel from either Lhasa to Kathmandu to Lhasa. You will need to book your tour 25 Days before the travel dates. If you are coming from Kathmandu to Lhasa, you will have to get the Chinese Group visa from Embassy of the Peoples [...]

2904, 2016

where to eat in Lhasa?

Where to eat in Lhasa? This question is not a much of concern if you are visiting Lhasa in the summer and autumn as a majority of the best tourist oriented business would be open during these periods of a year. The concern is the Winter when all the business would be close for the slow business and harsh winter. But I hope this post could still help travelers visiting in busy season to find the better choice recommended the place to go for a supper. Tibetan Family kitchen: Tibetan Family kitchen is the best restaurant in Lhasa. This small [...]

1803, 2016

Backpacking in Tibet, The travel guide

Backpacking in Tibet is probably listed on the numbers wish to list many backpackers. Tibet is one of the very expensive destinations for travelers and it tourism information is one of the most misinformed and miss lead. As a local Tibet travel agency in Lhasa, Tibet. here is our advice in making a backpacking dream in Tibet into realization. Tibet Travel Guide for backpacker Tibet (Tibet autonomous region) is expensive travel destination. but the tour can be made cheapest as much as possible. Joint other travelers to Visit Tibet. there are many travel agencies in Lhasa, offering the opportunity for [...]

2002, 2016

Tibetan prayer flag

Tibetan prayer flag are used to promote peace, compassion and wisdom.  As you arrive in Tibet, the first and foremost welcoming signs you would see in Tibet is a beautiful prayer flags, we hung on our roof top and the mountain pass. The flags is an very important cultural and religiously important to us. Tibetan prayer flag are inscribe with auspicious symbols, Invocation, Sutra and Mantras. These inscription believes to produce a spiritual vibration that is activated on the touch of the wind and carried on to the great distance. whom ever will be touch by the wind will get uplifted and [...]

2901, 2016

Tibet travel regulations

Tibet travels regulations: In this post, we will offer the latest Tibet travel restrictions and regulations. As we are a local travel agency in Tibet, we have the most reliable source of information and in-depth knowledge of the Tibet tourism and Tibet's climatical conditions. Since we are dealing with Tibet autonomous Region only. My post only about the Tibet Autonomous region. For more details about Tibetan inhabitant region in China, Please follow the post on The land of snow's Tibet travel regulations 2016.   Gyantse Kumbum pagoda in Gyantse town in central Tibet Things to Consider while reading about [...]

1301, 2016

Nadia’s Tibet travel story

Nadia's Tibet travel story ( as reviewed on Tripadvisor)  I was looking for a reliable tour guide for my group, later I was introduced to Woaber from the writer of thelandofsnows blogspot. Upon finding the most suitable package for us, I have compile some of the local tour guides' packages. No doubt that Woaber was one of the few that gave us the best rates possible.   kambala pass overlooking yamdrok lake We've been discussing our options since early 2015, many alterations needed since the Nepal earthquake, and some unforeseen scenarios from our part (dropped currency exchange, cancellations [...]

2410, 2015

how to travel to Tibet from China

How to travel to Tibet from China? This is a most prominent questions many Travelers has, while planing in visiting Tibet. I hope post of mine would help travelers to make an informed decision in planing your Tibet tour a head. How to travel to Tibet from China? There are two popular travel routes for getting into Tibet; Entering Tibet from Nepal and travel to Tibet from China. Out of these two route, here are the reasons, why it is easier and less time consuming in Travel to Tibet from China. It is more economical and straight forward in this [...]

2409, 2015

Why visit Tibet

Why visit Tibet? Tibet, the region of China; loaded with Natural beauty, Monuments, Temples, unique architect, and most importantly the Culture and heritage of Tibetan, make Tibet one of the most aspired travel destination in the world. Among the numerous reasons which make Tibet a delightful travel destination. The unique landscape of the roof of the world and its cultures and traditions which emerge from the roof the world is of great wonder. Mythic tales of this high land have been the main reason why many explore in history are keen on exploring the region. The beauty of solitude landscape and [...]

1509, 2015

Tibetan Yak butter tea

Tibetan Yak butter tea, one of the top twenty recommended Tibet travel experiences by the Lonely planet 2015. Truly a marvelous Tibet tour guide book. We too strongly suggest our clients try in once when they are Tibet. Recently a friend and annually clients and greatest source of recommendations, who live in shanghai ask if I can help him to send some yak butter and write him a how to write make Tibetan Yak Butter tea. It is always a pleasure to share our rich culture to a thirsty friend like him. So I thought why not I write it [...]

1908, 2015

Tibet group tour 2015 October

Tibet group tour 2015 October is design for every travelers how might have miss their opportunity to visit Tibet in the month of September due to online speculation of Tibet being close in the month of September. We have two departure date with the maximum number of members per group would be 8 person per group. over view Tour to Everest north base camp offers you a one of a unique advantage of explore most of the attraction Tibet has to offer to international travelers. Everest in Tibet side has a huge advantage for the travelers as it offers a [...]

3006, 2015

Everest Base camp is open from 1st July 2015

Everest base camp is open from 1st July 2015:  According to our reliable source, the most North Everest Base Camp in Tibet is open for all the travelers within the limited time frame. The famous tourist attraction in Tibet is open again after the devastating earthquake in Nepal. This post is made for the soul propose for updating the closure of The Mount Everest Base camp in Tibet after the earthquake in Nepal in year 2015  The most famous tourist destination in Tibet has been close after 25th April 2015 Nepal earthquake. The famous attraction of Mt Everest Base [...]

2606, 2015

Frequently asked question about Tibet tourism answered

Frequently asked question about Tibet tourism answered, In this post i will try to attempt to answer all the frequent asked questions by the visitors or readers. These questions are ask by many of my followers on Social medias. I have answered the questions as per my latest information and there are all true at the time of writing. The answers are subject to change as per the changes of tourism policy of Local government of Tibet autonomous region and Tibet tourism bureau. 1) Is it possible to travel independently in Tibet? Answer: Unfortunately no. independent travel is not possible. [...]

1906, 2015

Tibet’s Top 20 travel experience

Tibet's top 20 travel experience in this blog post is as per the recommendation in the latest edition of Lonely planet Tibet edition 2015. I truly suggest every travelers at-least the most out of limitation your tour itinerary gives. Before proceeding I would like to remind travelers to read my previous post about what travelers expect and what is the reality of Tibet tourism. Beside all the draw backs, Tibet is still a very unique and its worth traveling to Tibet once in some years. 1) Mount Kailash, western Tibet. Traveling to this  remote region is truly a blessing. Billions [...]

506, 2015

Tibet Travel, The reality and expectations.

Tibet Travel, The reality, and expectations. Over years of my experiences as the tour operator and being a former tour guide. There is always a contradictory about the reality of the local conditions and expectations for visitors traveling in Tibet. I understand, almost every travelers had been working so hard over years to make their visit to Tibet, and for many travelers, it is a once in life travel to Tibet. I know the Tibet travel is very expensive as compared to other places on the surface of the earth. But there are some things every traveler would better [...]

2305, 2015

Train to Tibet

Taking the train to Tibet makes travel to Tibet very economical and this journey gives a great opportunity for the travel to see the wilderness and isolated Changthang Area, which would otherwise become inaccessible. The Tibet train project was included in Dr. Sun Yat Sen's proposal of 1917-1920. After the formation of Tibet Autonomous region in 1950. The central government of the People's republic of China pursued the dream of Dr. Sun. But the lack of technology and fund prevent the project from getting the start at the initial stage. The 815 Km of Rail from Xining to Golmud was open [...]

2205, 2015

How to go to Tibet?

How to go to Tibet? is the biggest question for the traveler going to Tibet. But there are so many miss information and the so many outdated information about Tibet travel and tourism in the cyber world. Wrong information is the greatest hindrance when someone is planning to Visit Tibet. This is my effort in giving you up to date information on How to get to Tibet? Documents required This may seem a bit complicated so we advise all the readers to read carefully. First of all please remember, there is no direct international flight to Tibet, besides from Nepal. There are two routes in [...]

1905, 2015

Saga Dawa ས་ག་ཟླ་བ།

Saga Dawa festival is a month long festival which is commemorate on the forth month of Tibetan lunar calendar, Buddhist all over the commemorate the life of Buddha. Many travel website and many other website regard it as the celebration, which in my opinion is very wrong. It is a month time for prayers and rituals. In short Saga Dawa is  month long Buddhist prayer festival celebrated all over the world.  What is Saga Dawa? Saga Dawa is a month-long prayer festival observe in all the Buddhist world. In this month it is said, the Buddha was born, enlighten and achieve Pari [...]

1605, 2015

Travel to Tibet on a Budget

Do you want to travel to Tibet on a budget? Travel to Tibet is never a cheap and independent travel is never allow. But the budget Tibet travel is possible when you have local information. Lots of local Tibetan travel agencies in Lhasa fail to provide in-depth information about Tibet tourism, This makes lots of travel agencies make lots of extra money with the advantage of this miss information. But please keep this in your mind that even the lowest Tibet tour packages price could be very expensive. With our years of experience as an tour operator and being a tour [...]

905, 2015

Tibet travel tips for year 2018

Tibet travel tips for the year 2018: After the dreadful Earthquake in Nepal, many of my friends are losing lots of prospective customer for not able to convince their clients, that Tibet is safe to travel and there are still a lot Tibet has to offer besides Mount Everest being close for Time being. So we, though, we should write a Tibet travel trips for those people who aspire to visit Tibet in the year 2018. 1) Entering into Tibet Entering into Tibet from other parts of China has always been preferred by the majority of the travel agency and [...]

605, 2015

Sakya monastery

Sakya monastery is located at the northern hill of Sakya county in Shigatse prefecture of Tibet autonomous region of China. In year 1023 of Tibetan water ox year, Khon Kunchock Gyalpo, a well learn Buddhist scholar of Nyimapa sect found this location a very auspicious and decide to establish a monastery at the location. Skaya literary means a pale earth. When Khunchok decide to establish his monastery at the location, he saw the hill resemble a lying elephant. He brought the land by paying the land owner with his family fortune. Due to the pale color of land, he decide [...]

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