Facts About Everest

Facts about Everest: Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay Mount Everest were climbed in year Made a history as they successfully submit the Mount Everest in 29th May 1953. But the wish to submit the Everest has become progressively increasing with the year. We hear lots of story of tragic and triumphant on Everest, which is why the mount could be rank in the top most popular destination in Nepal and Tibet Autonomous region to China.Yet many facts about the mount are not commonly known by many.

Here are some facts about the Everest you would not hear:

Who is first?

As known all over the world as Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were first one to submit the Everest, yet another conspiracy theory, which believes that Everest summit was reached as early as in 1924 by George Mallory and Andrew Irvine in their ill-fated expedition. there are known to have carried a Kodak Camera with them, the only way that can only prove would be if the camera ever found….

Everest is not the tallest mountain

Everest is the highest point on the earth from sea level. Mauna Kea, an inactive Hawaiian volcano, is recorded as the tallest mountain.
though Everest’s peak is at a higher altitude, yet that doesn’t make it taller. when measured from the ocean floor, its full height stands at 10,200 meters making it a mile taller than Everest.

World Dirtiest Mountain.

Everest with its popularity and the easily get a permit for climber make it the dirtiest mountain in the world. There are countless of picture documented about climbers on their way to Everest summit, yet we don’t see images of the footprint they leave behind. Mount Everest is litter with estimated 50 tons of waste with more left behind each season. The slopes are strewn with disregarded oxygen bottles, climbing equipment, and plenty of human feces.

The Nepalese government has enforced a new regulation starting in the year 2014, which says each climber must bring down 8 kilograms of garbage on descent or lose $ 4,000 USD deposit.

A Human Traffic Jam

Despite costing thousands of dollars to climbs, more people than ever are trying to summit it. more the 80% of a total number of people submit it are after the year 2000. which makes the number of people climbing to Everest is progressively increasing. In 2012, German mountaineer Ralf Dukmovits shot this shocking image to hundreds of climbers lining up to reach the summit.
this human traffic at the summit raises concern of Nepal specialist and add they added a new fixed rope to ease congestion. they are discussing installing permanent ladders.

Multiple Names

Although we all know the mountain with the Names, Everest. But there are many names for the mountains. Tibetans called it Qomolangma for centuries. this Tibetan name means the goddess mother of the universe. Nepalese calls it Sagarmatha meaning Forehead in the sky. this is why national park in Chinese side is known as Qomolangma National Park and on Nepal side, it is called Sagarmatha National park.

British first named the mountain as mount 15 and later it is named Everest when British surveyor Andrew fails to find the commonly used local name for the mountain. after unable to make the decision he named the mountain after Indian Surveyor General George Everest, head of the British team that first surveyed the Himalayas. Colonel Everest objected to the honor, but the British officially changed their name for the mountain from “Peak XV” to “Mount Everest” in 1865. and ironically he never saw Everest.

Its growing

Mount Everest continues to grow and every year it grows at about 4 millimeters. The Indian sub-continent an independent landmass collided with Asia, forming Himalaya and pushing the mountain higher.

Researchers from the American Millennium Expedition in 1999 placed a global positioning satellite device below the summit to measure growth. Their more accurate findings from the modern technology led to the official height of Everest being changed to 8,850 meters (29,035 ft). Meanwhile, other tectonic activity actually costs the mountain height, but the overall movement seems to be up.

First tweet

The first tweet from the summit was sent by Kenton Cool in 2011. On one of his many trips to the top, he tweeted: “Everest summit no 9! 1st tweet from the top of the world thanks to a weak 3G signal”

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