Five Things to do in Tibet: Tibet has become a very popular tourist destination of the world, after its opening in mid-1980’s. Yet it remains the most misinformed tourist destination in the world. Many travelers want to travel to Tibet for its mysterious landscapes and the Spiritual value it holds in the spiritual world. But there are many visitors who don’t have any ideas, what to do and what to aspect while in Tibet. Being a tour guide for last five years and being a tour operator for last three years. Here are things I would suggest you do in Tibet while you are visiting the place.


Five Things to do in Tibet

1) Explore the old Lhasa city with your own device.

The old city of Lhasa is the place surrounding the Jokhang Temple. It was limited parameter of Old Lhasa city before 50’s. local still recognize it as a Lhasa and outside this parameter as outskirt of Lhasa. Many of the travel agency doesn’t have this in their itineraries and many don’t even mention about the old city of Lhasa.
For some reason, many of my visiting friends are saying I am not here to visit the monastery only, which many tour providers do. but I think it would be in your best interest to explore the old city by your own self. there are many shops selling the local delicacy and local handicraft. Local children would greet you Halo as soon as they see you.
Many of the houses in the old city are built before last century and this gives you real good changes to see the architecture of Tibet house. you can hop in some courtyard to see how Tibetan live their life. Many of the court-yard has tea house where you can have a sip with locals. Visiting Tibetans in their own set up could give a different experience for you and could be a very good opportunity to take a picture.

2) Eat out in a Dine with culture show restaurant

Your travel agency could arrange you a dinner at dining with culture show restaurant. In a peak season of August and September, you might have to book in advance. You might ask your tour operator for a complimentary dinner in that restaurant. Many travel agencies are generous enough to invite you and your group for the Dinner with culture show as we do.
There serve you a good local Tibet food plus you would have the opportunity to listen to the local Tibetan songs and dances. There are many occasions where our guest takes part in the dance. Your guide could also brief you about the songs and dance of Tibet. Tibet is known as the ocean of song and dance in China. We have a long history of the song and great diversity of Songs and Dance.

3) Visit a Tibetan nomad, if possible camp a night in nomad settlement.

Traditionally Tibetan are divided into two major professionals; the farmer and Nomad. Nomad is unique in Tibet. they live a very simple life with very basic amenities. there are truly a nonpossessive of the worldly wealth. they live their life depends on what nature could give them in this harsh and extreme weather of high plateau. There are many occasions every traveler has the opportunity to get closer and live a moment with them. but many just swap this opportunity in a rush. If you are traveling in Tibet, you might find a time to visit a nomad.
I would recommend you to take a day tour to Namtso, which could give you a golden opportunity to meet the nomads. Your might can talk to your tour guide and ask them if you can visit nomad. I would recommend you a night camp with the nomad and live their life for a day.

4) Visit Tibetan farmers family
While you are in Tibet, you are not here to see the monasteries and drive through the beautiful landscape. why not visiting a Tibet village a visit a Tibetan family. We are very welcoming and we treat the guest as the most important person in the family. You might have influenced by many factors to visit Tibet, The Tibetan culture and Tibetan should be the main influencing factor in visiting our great land. So why not visit them in their normal life set.

When you are traveling, you could ask the guide and the driver to stop by some village for an hour or two for you to visit a village and some family. On many occasion, my guest would stop by the village and take part in the village ceremony and works in the fields for some hours. I have a client from England last year, instead of visiting the Everest Basecamp. he stopped at a village on the way and take part in temple building. we stayed in a village guesthouse and every villager is happy to have a foreign friend making them laugh. he was telling me it was the greatest experience of the entire trip.

On your way, there are many Tibetan Home restaurant, you could ask your guide to recommend you one and ask them to stop by one. in those family restaurants, your host will sing for you, dance for you and you can even wear the local dress and pose a picture with them.

5) Circumambulate the temples with locals and drink tea at local tea house like local.

Advice is live a local life for a day. every morning the locals Tibet would go for a circumambulation of either Jokhang temple or the Potala Palace. After the circumambulation of those two holy place, people would go the Tea shop to drink plenty of tea. Tibetans are very fond of drinking tea. There would sometimes have a Tibetan noodles. If you go for the circumambulation and then the tea house after you will meet loads of local people, experience their life for a day. if you are photographer this could give you are the great time to take a picture with a tale.

Above are the thing you can do in Tibet which your tibet travel agency would not mention to you. enjoy. but remember to discuss the ideas with your guide and the tour provides the further instructions and their feedback…

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