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House of Shambhala

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House of Shambhala Hotel is one of two Hotel in Lhasa owned by Shambhala Serei. A Tibetan chain of a boutique in China. Beside Six great Hotel in China. Majority of the hotels are in Tibet Autonomous Region of China and only one in Beijing.

House of Shambhala Hotel

House of Shambhala Hotel in one of the best Tibetan boutique guest house in Lhasa and the entire Tibet. You can find this beautiful Tibet styles Hotel in the maze of alleyways from The eastern Barkhor street.

This Hotel has nine rooms uniquely decorated with traditional Tibetan décor and furniture. The rooms are washed in vibrant reds, blues, and yellows with tiger skin rugs, locally-sewn pillows, and hand-painted dressers depicting scenes from Tibetan mythology. My favorite touch was the comforter, with semi-precious stones, sea coral, and magic amulets woven in to ward off evil spirits.

The hotel sells oxygen canisters in the lobby to help you cope with the altitude. If you get a room on the top floor or want to go to the rooftop terrace, you’ll need one. Carrying my luggage up three flights of stairs felt like scaling Everest. The rooms can get cold at night, so if you’re a during any season other than summer, ask for a space heater.

House of Shambhala, Lhasa

Shambhala Palace

The House of Shambhala has a sister location also in the old city, Shambhala Palace, located just a block away from the east side of the Barkhor. Shambhala Palace has seventeen rooms and was allegedly once the home of an important Tibetan lama. A little larger than the House of Shambhala, Shambhala Palace has been painstakingly decorated in the same style, with hand-painted red and yellow details, Tibetan antiques, and colorful wall carvings in the courtyard depicting the story of the legendary Shambhala kingdom.

For all our Private tours in Tibet, we do book your accommodation in either one of the above accommodation. If you are joining some of our group tours, you will have to pay some extra for this hotel as all the group accommodations are basic regular guest house.

House of Shambhala, Lhasa
House of Shambhala, Lhasa
House of Shambhala Hotel, Lhasa

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