Tibetan travel agencies in Lhasa, most of them do not have a very good ranking in Google search. Many tibetan travel agencies in Lhasa and Tibet are run by a former Tour guide and gradually owns a travel agency or runs a Travel website with helps from they former client and later friends. There is always a great benefit in choosing a local Tibetan travel agencies for the local knowledge, on the field presence in Lhasa and expertise in Tourism. There many travel companies own and runs by non experienced outsiders. Most of them do not really have field experiences, which is why many travelers ends up in night mare when it comes to reality during the tour. which is why, it is must for every travelers to choose you service provider wisely before booking Tibet tour.

Tibet host for the night at tingri local guest house, Tibetan travel agencies in Lhasa

Tibetan travel agency in Lhasa

The benefit of booking your Tibet tour with Tibetan travel agency in Lhasa

1) Local experience and knowledge

Tibetan travel agency are mostly base in Lhasa and there are either owned by or support by former Tibet tour guides. This makes them stand tall in front of their counterpart in providing quality services, the most enriching and enjoyable tours in Tibet. They know the place, they know the local customs and routes like no other non Tibetan travel agencies. So it is must for you to book a Tibet tour with Tibetan travel agency in Lhasa or Tibet, if you want greater value of your money.

2) Your money goes directly to your tour provider, that means more economical tour.

If you book a tour with a local base Tibetan travel agency in Lhasa, your money goes directly to your Tibet travel agency. there is no middle men, so the tour will be more reasonable for you. For example if a tour agencies in Nepal pass your tour to Tibet travel agency and they (tibet travel agency) will have to give them price, the nepal agency will make some extra in the price for their services and tour will be more expensive for travelers. Some times other travel agencies force us to cut the price so that they can add some price as a middle men, which in total, will be equal to the price offer by local travel agency. This makes you to get low quality service at the end.
Last year I met a french men, who booked his tour with the travel agencies based in Nepal. when he enters China, he realize that his guide can’t even speak understandable English and he got the car, which is very old and all the accommodations are given in local cheap guest house thought out the tour. He was regretting for not spending some more time on internet and emails to find a good reasonable travel agency in Lhasa. I hope this will not happen to you.

3) You will support the local economy.

Many Lhasa base Tibet travel agency hires a local helps, from the guide to the crew members like cooks, if you’re trekking in Tibet. Many travelers want to travel in Tibet with local Tibetans. Almost every Tibetan travel agency hire a local Tibetan guides, cab drivers and the crew members. If you go with the local Tibetan guide, there is always an advantages like: their speak the same language as locals, share same culture and beliefs. So if in need there can arrange help where every you go. Many of the Tibetan guides knows the hotels and other service provider very well and this would make a better quality service for you. If you have a very tricky questions about the monastery or any attractions, there know all the monks or staffs in the temple, which would give you a right answer immediately.

4) Better service.

In case of car, local Tibet travel agency are in better personal touch with the cab drivers. For guides too, local travel agencies have better personal relation with them. This personal relationship and continues business relations makes the local travel agencies to offer you a better guide and the better cabs for the tour.
All the local travel agencies have a contract with all the hotels and the guest house. If you book your tour with local agencies in Lhasa, there will be able to give you a better price for the hotels due to the contact they make every year. Plus our experience from years as a tour provider make us well aware of the pros and coins of each hotels and accommodations in Tibet. I have always book the hotels in non star hotel Shambala every time, the reason is Shambala being non star hotel provide equal service to that of four star hotels and the rooms gives you feeling of being in Tibet and sleeping in local Tibetan house. after all you want to visit Tibet to experience the local life.

If you would like me to recommend, i will honestly recommend some really professional Tibetan tour operator in Lhasa. but please consider this, I am too a Tibet tour operator

Norbhulingkha palace, Tibetan travel agencies in Lhasa

Things to remember about Tibetan travel agency in Lhasa.

  • Bigger doesn’t mean better. Some of the best tour operators in Tibet are handled by few personal. Smaller could mean more personal approach.
  • Try to see if there are using Tibetan name.
  • Ask for a reference from Tibet Travel expert at www.thelandofsnows.com He is a Grand Master in Tibet tourism, he has been traveling in Tibet for over 15 years. Many good local Tibetan travel agency in Lhasa are heavily rely on his recommendation and I don’t see any disappointed traveler of following his navigation.

Tibetan prayer flag, Tibetan travel agency in Lhasa

If there is any information you would require about Tibet travel information. Please feel free to contact me. even if you are not using my services, you can always contact me for update. write to me at itibettravel@gmail.com

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