Buddha Dharma (སངས་རྒྱས་སྟན་པ་) is the third most influential faith in this world. Many westerners get confused with all the different forms of monks and appearance. They think Buddhism is a very confusing religion and very diverse. Yes is it very diverse and very complicated if you don’t have well learn, or someone who is intellectually Buddhist?

The question which initial the Buddha Dharma

The question which initial the Buddhism

Meaning of Dharma with the quest, the most significant question is, is everyone happy? Every single wanting to be happy. Our every single act is to achieve happiness. From an elephant looking for the shadow of the tree in the sunny days to a little a mice making hole everywhere to create its home space. If you consciously look at everything, it is either suffering or the source of it. The happiness as we feel, itself is a source of suffering. So the happiness we think we are getting from this world itself is a source of great suffering. But the very nature of longing to be happy is call Buddha Nature. It is a basic instinct which drives the desire to reach the enlightenment, the purest happiness, Sachi Ananda.

The source of all the suffering

The source of all the suffering

There is a source of everything that happens, As every action has consequences. The most significant cause of all the suffering is the I (the idea of being yourself as an absolute being). The initiation of the quest in search of happiness it self-begun with the Big I. Every one thinks they are an absolute being and there are permanent. When we accumulated the wealth or when we work to gain some wealth we operate as if we are to live forever. That is why we cheat, hurt and kill beings for the living.

The antidote, remove I

The antidote, remove I

The remedy is to remove I and accept the interdependence nature of reality. Everyone is all depending on each other. No one is absolute. Everybody needs other’s service and products for our survival. We can’t make all the things we consume in our daily life. We live in this interconnected web of dependency. The Kings and Lords are depends on the food and products produced by the farmer and other poor producers and the poor fellow depend on their warmth and kindness. So if you want to be happy, remove I (the ego), then there will be peace in the heart.

The act of compassion

The act of compassion

Now we understand, we are all living in this interconnected world. Your little action could bring either sorrow or happiness to some other beings. Once, when we indulge in not harming deeds and be compassionate to others. With understanding their suffering with your sufferings. Take an example of a family; there is a father who thinks of himself as the absolute authority of the family and does whatever he, please. The effect would be, due to his drinking habit bring the financial issue to the family which leads to the children dropping off from the school.

The father has to be compassionate towards the child by putting his feet in the child’s shoe for he has been a child. If the child goes to schools regularly and becomes a good and capable person, it will bring immense pleasure to the father too. If the father does all those things which would affect the child’s future. The child would be a horrible person, and he will follow the footstep of the father into becoming a person just like him. Which will bring him the trouble in the end? For understanding the situation people may be or will be facing, we have to be compassionate to everyone.

The ultimate destination

The ultimate destination

The ultimate destination is to achieve the real happiness. To gain enlightenment, the every lasting bliss of happiness. The attainment of liberation from the chain of attachment which bonded us to this Samsara which is full of suffering. Buddha hood is the stage where one has to awaken from the ignorance of being absolute self and accumulated the immeasurable wisdom of interdependence. Tibetan called it the stage of San-gyal.

The path and Vehicle

The path and Vehicle of Buddha Dharma

The teaching of Buddha is the path to the destination that is to achieve enlightenment. There are two vehicles for the journey one the shortcut Mahayana and the longer path which is the Theravada Buddhism.

The real core of all the teachings of Buddha is. Never do any harm and do lots of good works.

I shall be writing more about the Buddha Dharma, and my understand of Buddhism.

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