Buddha’s early life

Once, There was a prince Siddhartha in a kingdom of Magadha in northern India. The prince was predicted to become either a ruler of the world or the greatest saint in the human history. The father king, obviously wants his son to follow his footstep. He thought he would let his son experience all the youth and beauty of this world. That is why he removed all the old and sick from the palace and filled it the young people.Buddha's early life

But the king could not defeat the reality of nature, and the prince found the truth of suffering. He asks his father about his curiosity of seeing the outside world. The king could not stop his son, he asks all the old sick and dying to hide from the path of the parade in which the prince would travel.

While he was celebrating and waving at his folks, the prince found a very old smiling face. He was surprised on seeing something the old face for the first time in his life. He jumped out of the carriage and ran after the old men. This chase brought him to the more impoverished section of the town were death old and sick are every way. When he asked his master, Chamberlain. He was tell, it will happen to all and no one escape from it. Then he saw a monk. His Chamberlain told him to the has renounced the worldly life and its in the path in search of liberation.

Path to enlightenment

Buddha, Path to Enlightenment

After some night from finding out the truth, Buddha gave up is luxuries of life and decide to renounce the worldly life. Siddhartha ran out of the palace in the night when everyone is asleep. He then cuts his hair and decides to quit this world exists and pursue the path of liberation. He went and studied from all the well-learned teacher and scholar of the time, but he could not find the answer, The Sachi Ananda (the purest happiness). Then he decides to find it out by his self and extremely meditate for over six years by eating only one grain per day and drinking rain drop which might fall on him.

After six years, he hears a voice from a passing boat; on the boat, a musician was telling his student “if he tightens the string too much, it will snap. Indeed, he found the great truth in these words and realize for all these years he has been following the wrong path.

He went out to the river, had a sip of water and took a bath. A goat herder she gave him a bowl of rice cooked in goat’s milk. Then he said to himself, if he is to achieve enlightenment this bowl will flow upstream, and it did. Meanwhile, his students thought they teacher has disobeyed the belief and commit sinful deeds. There left him to another place to meditate. He told them that “the path to enlightenment is in a middle way, it is a line between all opposite extreme” but their left. The middle way is the great truth he has found, the path he will teach to the world.

Encounter with Mara

After taking a meal and bath, Siddhartha sits and meditate at an unwinking gaze. And then five girls appear. There look like an innocent village girl, but in fact, there were the five daughters of Mara, the lord of darkness. They were the spirits of crit, greed, fear, ignorant and desire. Mara has sent them to tempt Siddhartha away from his search. He tries to lure the Siddhartha most cleverly, by disguising the temptation of life in the purest form, but Siddhartha was looking beyond the present. Mara got in the rage and tries to disturb Siddhartha from his meditation with his magical power. He tries to bring thousands of evil force to kill him. When there are shoot arrows at him, it becomes the flower when it touches his body. Mara has been defeated Yet in fact; he attracts again.

Buddha The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment

Mara appeared in front of Buddha and said ” you, who go where no one else will dare, will you be my guardian” and Buddha said “architect, finally, I have met you. You will not build your house again”. Mara said, “but I am your house, and you live in me.” Buddha said, ” oh lord of my ego, you are pure illusion, You do not exist.” He pointed touch his hand to the earth and said “the Earth is my witness,” and Mara vanishes. Siddhartha won the battle against the army of evils, just with the force of his love and the great compassion, he had found.

He has cheated the great claim the proceeds attachment from human emotions. He had reached beyond himself. Buddha was beyond joy or pain, separated from judgment. He could remember all his previous births, he can see beyond the universe. Siddhartha has seen the ultimate reality of all things. He had understood that every moment in the world is the effect provoke by the course. He knows there is no salvation without compassion for every other being. From that moment on Siddhartha was called the Buddha, the awakened one.

The enlightenment in Tibetan dictionary means the state of being of someone where he or she will renounce all the negativity and accumulated all the wisdom.

Buddha After enlightenment

After enlightenment

After achieving the enlightenment, Buddha spends some weeks in peace around the place where he has to accomplish the Enlightenment. For the first week sit beneath the Bodhi tree under which Buddha got enlightenment. For the second week. He kept standing and starring uninterrupted from the spot which is marked by the Animeshlocha Stupa. This stupa is located at the end of outer circumambulation of the temple at the northeast. For the third week, Buddha walks back and forth in space between Animeshlocha Stupa and the Bodhi tree. Where ever Buddha took Step, the lotus flower spring out. The occurrence is known as jewel walk.

After the seven weeks in the current Mahabodhi temple premise. Buddha has left for the Deer Park in Sarnath Varanasi. Where his students are meditating on the wrong path. From that time to next forty-five years he would travel extensively in the Indo-Gangetic plan to teach.

here are the some of the most famous Buddha statues in this world

  1. Jo Shakya Muni in Jokhang temple in Lhasa.
  2. Jo Mekyo Dorjee on Ramoche temple in Lhasa
  3. Leshan Giant Buddha in Sichuan
  4. Main Buddha statue at Mahayana temple in Bodhgaya, India

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