Everest Base camp in this website refers to the tourist base camp at the foot of Everest in Tibet. It has become a trendy tourist destination in Tibet for both trekkers and the travelers. As being a guide, I have visited the Everest Base camp of about three fourth of all the tours we undertake in Tibet.

Everest region

Mount Everest is known as Qomolangma in Tibetan. About 27000 Square km of the territory around the Mount Everest in Tibet have been designated as the Qomolangma Nature Reserve. For the foreign travelers, this region offers a magnificent view of Everest and the adjacent mountains of Himalaya. Approach for China side provides better vistas and its easier access as a motor-able road all the way up to the Everest Base Camp.

rongbuk monastery near Mount Everest

The popular tours to Everest Base Camp is a two or three days trekking from friendship Highway. Most of my friends prefers to do seven days Everest base camp tour from Lhasa to Kyirong, and continue into Nepal. The road up to the Base Camp is comparably better than in mentioned in your guide books. Next year the Government is schedule to open a newly constructed road to Everest Base Camp. As you escalated upwards the Base camp you will need to take a zigzag roads. The altitude of Everest base camp is 5200 meters above sea level.

rongphu monestery near everest base camp in Tibet

Rongphu Monastery

Rongphu Monastery is a very popular night stay for many travelers. The monastery serves as the emergency shelter for the travelers during the uncertain heavy snow fall which may cause road blockage. The monastery was found by a Nyingmapa Lama in 1902. the monastery is a spiritual center for the Locals in region. The murals in the monastery are superb, and its worth taking some times to visit inside the monastery. monastery has a stupa. View of Stupa and the Everest standing tall into the sky makes a very good photography spot.

tent hostel at EBC

Tent Camp

There is a group of tent lining on the side of the road between Rongphu Monastery and the Everest Base Camp. these are the tent run by Tibetans from nearby village as the hotel to make some money. The tents are make of Yak fur. This camp would be an only opportunity for many traveler to stay in Tibetan tent made from Yak fur, unless if you are traveling to Namtso and Reting region of Lhasa

The Tent can hold only smallest numbers of travelers, if yours is a big group, your group might need to divide into different tent. So please do not forget to ask your guide to make call to book the tent if in case of big group. every guide has a friend there and yours should be able to make a bookings. All the tent has stove to cook you meals. Do not touch the stove-pipe, its hot and it will burn your hand. Some tents may get smoky, and there is little thing i or your tour guide can do. only option is to change the tent.

Every tent offers a break fast in the morning, please ask your travel agent for B&B arrangement at the Tent. furthest tent offers the best view of Everest. Many tent has in-house shop, please buy some to show your appreciation for the hospitality offered warm heart in this low resource high land. I always do not measure the service they offer with the money i gave. I always bring something for them. i would suggest you to bring some stationary or thick cloth at least for your host family.


Everest Base Camp

From your Tent, your vehicle don’t have access further into Everest Base camp in this website refers to the tourist base camp at the foot of Everest in Tibet. It has become a very popular tourist destination in Tibet towards the Everest Base Camp. You will need to take the eco-bus further upwards. the cost of the Eco-Bus would be 25RMB, and it would be included in your tour price. The last drive about four kilometers uploads with gain of altitude less than 200 meters. Once when your bus stops, there is a tablet on which word Qomolangma Base camp and its altitude is written in English and Mandarin. This is final point for your access. you will need a mountaineering permit to cross, which can’t be obtained by any travel agency in Tibet other than Tibet mountaineering association.

If you took a bus ride to the Base camp, you have only one hour at the Base camp. Many travelers want to walk up the 4 km. But please consider safety over adventure. about 1 km from the tent Camp there is a small cave of Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava). you can visit the cave, monks will allow you to enter the cave and chapel.

world highest post office in Tibet.

Dangers and Preparations

Whether you are trekking to Everest Basecamp or traveling in the car. Please remember, you are going in a very remote area at above 5000 meters above sea level. Please do not assume the climate in Everest would be as same as it is in Lhasa and other sites in your itinerary.

Before leaving Lhasa or Shigatse. Please ask your guide and the driver about the preparations you will have to make before heading towards Everest Base Camp. In the Everest region, climate changes many times a day. Please have a thicker coat, preferably wind stoppers at your dispose of.

If your Tibet travel agency provides you oxygen tank, please see if you might need it further. If you do please ask your guide to refill it before heading forward. The shop on way up and at the tent camp do sell the small oxygen can. but it is more expensive than that of in towns and cities. consider buying some as you need.

Some Tent in the Mt Everest base camp may get smoky in the night; please decide the tent before everyone goes to sleep. Sleeping in the smoky tent at the high altitude of 5000 meters above sea level is annoying. Click here to find our Mt Everest base camp tours

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