Muru Nyingpa is one of the popular monasteries in Lhasa, it is located on the east of Jokhang at is back. The main entrance of the monastery is the north street of Barkhor. It’s said that the first house in the current courtyard was built by King Songtsen Gampo in the seventh century, where Thonmi Sambhota completes the development of Tibetan Alphabet.

Tourist guide to Muru Nyingpa

During the reign of Ralpacan, He builds six chapels surrounding the Jokhang Temple. Muru was the courtyard for serve as the residence for the Monks. The chapel for the court build by Ralpacan is the ground floor of the present structure on your right-hand side as you enter the gate was built by the original house and monks quarters on the three other sides. The courtyard was designed as per Indian Vihara.

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As Muru Monastery was moved outside of Bakhor later, the courtyard is known as Muru Nyingpa which means old Muru. But the owner of the original chapel is Muru monastery.

Upstairs in the original chapel is owned by the Gongkar Chode Monastery of Lhoka/Shanan. The chapel is dedicated to Gonpo Pelgon Dramtso or Bramze, which is the form of Gonpo (the deity) as an old man. The image to Dramtso is at the right-hand side at the entrance.

Dukang, the main assembly hall of the courtyard present was built by Nechung Khenpo Sakya Ngape in the 19th century. This Main assemble hall is a branch of Nechung monastery. Muru is an official resident of a medium of Nechung when he visits the Lhasa to Perform the trance of Nechung.

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As you walk inside the hall, you will reach the dark hall filled with the smell of alcohol offering made by devotees. On the left-hand side of the main Altar is the statue Nechung and the statue Palden Lhamo is on the right-hand side. As you will walk into the Alter we have the statues of Master who are closely connected with the origin of Nechung Oracle and the responsibility for establishment and re-establishment of Buddhism in Tibet. The statues are of Dorje Drakden (the Nechung), Tsongkhapa (the founder of Gelugpa the yellow head sect of Tibetan Buddhism), Atisa (the main master responsible for re-establishing Buddhism in Tibet after suppression by LangDharma), Padmasambhava (The founder to Nyingmapa Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism), Santarakita (He how oversaw the building of Samye, the first monastery in Tibet, And he who ordained first Buddhist monks in Tibet), and The King Trisong Detsen (The Tibetan King, who institutionalize the Tibetan Buddhism and build the first monastery in Tibet).

On your left-hand side, as you walk out of the Monastery, there is a staircase which will lead you up to the first floor, On the first floor of the monastery there is the thousand Statue to Amitabha, The Buddha of Infinite light.

Muru Nyingpa is a not mentioned in the majority of the tour itineraries, It is more likely that your travel agency will not mention it in your itineraries. Since I have made all details description of the Courtyard I would suggest it for you to explore it on yourself for adventure. As you enter the gate you will see lots of Tibetans selling beverages in the courtyard, those are the offerings. It is believed if you offer deities offerings there will protect you and your family and the entire sentence being from misfortune.

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