Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism

The Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism is the most popular and the Newest of all the sect in Tibetan Buddhism. The tradition is one of the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism along with Nyingma, Sakya, and Kagyu. The lineage of this tradition can be traced back to the Kadampa tradition of the Atisha. It was founded by the Je Tsongkhapa Lobsang Drakpa. Tsongkhapa also found the Ganden Monastery in near Lhasa as the principal monastery for the sect. The name of the sect derives from the name of the Monastery.  This tradition is often called as the New Kadam as it is the offspring of the root Kadampa tradition of the Lord Atisha.

Thought the activities of Tsongkhapa’s many disciples, it quickly became the predominant school in Tibet. The institution of Dalia Lama and Panchen Lama belongs to this tradition.  Later in the history during the time of Fifth Dalai Lama, it became the most influential sects in Tibetan Buddhism as he gains the political power in Tibet with the help of Mongols.


The main teaching of the Gelug sect is the Lamrim teaching of Tsongkhapa. It is based on the teaching of Indian Master Atisha. This teaching is a hierarchical model in which the practitioner accomplishes stages based on the classical Indian Mahayana model of the Bodhisattva. it initially begins with a desire to seek rebirth, then to seek liberation, then to aid others in liberation and speedy attainment of Buddhahood.

Gelugpa Monasteries in Tibet

During your travel to Tibet, you will visit mostly the monasteries and temples belonging to the Gelugpa. here are the list of gelugpa Monastery in Tibet

  1. Sera Monastery
  2. Drepung Monastery
  3. Ganden Monastery
  4. Potala Palace
  5. Tashi Lhunpo Monastery in Shigatse
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