Trisong Detsen ཁྲི་སྲོང་ལྡེ་བཙན་

Trisong Detsen ཁྲི་སྲོང་ལྡེ་བཙན་ is the 38th King of Tibet. He ruled Tibet from 755 AD to 797 AD, and he retired after passing the throne to his second son. He is one the three Dharma Kings of Tibet, playing a significant role in Introducing Buddhism in Tibet.

He invites Great Indian master Sāntarakṣita and Guru Rinpoche from India to help establish Buddhism in Tibet. Thus subsequently founding the first and oldest sect of Tibetan Buddhism called Nyingmapa Sect with the Samye monastery as the first Buddhist Monastery in Tibet. Guru Rinpoche also help to initiate the first monkhood in Tibet with first seven sons from Noble birth.

Mural in Samye Monastery showing Trisong Detsen receiving Guru rinpoche

Mural in Samye Monastery showing Trisong Detsen receiving Guru Rinpoche

During the reign of Trisong Detsen, he organizes the first international medical conference of Medicine to introduce the Current Tibetan medicine system. The doctors from all over the known world came to participate including from Greece, China, Arab, India, and Nepal.

He also gathers many spiritual master and translator from India to train many translators to Translate all the Buddhist scripture from Indian to the Tibetan Language.

Though facing much opposition from Bönpo follower to resist the change and introduction of Buddhism in Tibet. Besides all the hardship he was successful in establishing Buddhism as the official religion for his royal court and his empire.

tomb of Tibetan king Trisong Detsen

Tomb of Tibetan king Trisong Detsen

For Us, Tibetan Buddhist. We consider him as a very great king, and we are always grateful for him to inducing Buddhism in Tibet, which is now the core of Our Tibetan culture and tradition. Therefore during your travel to Tibet, you will find his statue along with either guru rinpoche and śāntarakṣita or along with our other two kings of Songtsen Gampo.

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