Nyingmapa Sect of Tibetan Buddhism

The Nyingmapa order has the longest history establishment history of the transmission of all the four Major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. This is reflected in the name Nyingma, which literary means “Old Order”. The Other three main schools of Tibetan Buddhism; Sakya, Kagyu, and Gelug collectively refer as New Order (Sarma), Because they rely on the translation of Buddhist script from India during the period of second dissemination of Buddhism to Tibet.

Nyingmapa relies primarily on the old translation, and its origins can trace back the Buddhist pioneer at the time of King Trisong Detsen. Though the Newer translation is technically more polish, this school preference for the early translation is due to the fact that the old translation is prepared under the guidance spiritual attainment of the realized Master.

The most important teacher in the Nyingmapa tradition is Padmasambhava. The north Indian yogic, who is the prominent figure in introducing the Buddhism in Tibet. Because of this Nyingmapa’s feel, their lineage is the most authentic and complete teaching of the early master who brought Buddhism to Tibet.

Nyingmapa’s trace their translation lineage back the Samye Monastery, the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Tibet. during the time there was hundreds of scholars and translator, translating on Sutras and Tantras.  It is at the Same Monastery where first seven locals are ordained as monk marks the bugging of Monkshood in Tibet. He the source of Nyingmapas realism and Inspiration on practice.

Teaching in Nyingmapa is divided in the long, and short transmission. Some master received the direct transmission from the Deities and Guru in pure vision ( in Meditation or in Dreams).

Some Unique Aspects Nyingmapa Tradition:

  1. The practice of Dzogchen (The great Perfection).  It the highest perfection in deity visualization. It seeks to directly examine the fundamental mind without the aid of Visualization like statue and Thangkha.
  2. The tradition of Terma. Padmasambhava has hidden lots of scriptures in the different location for the future master to find and preach.

Some major Monasteries in Tibet

There is the monastery of Nyingmapa in every corner of Tibet. The most important monastery in Tibet is Mindrolling monastery near Lhasa airport, Dorjee dark monastery, and Samye Monastery

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