Going to Travel Tibet, but I am confused? This is the most frequent question and biggest confusion, Our web visitors faces. The question is, how to go to Tibet? or how to travel to Tibet? Many people think traveling to Tibet is too complicating but in the real sense if you have a right information about traveling To Tibet. It is very easy.

Booking Tibet tour

There are many local Tibetan travel agencies, providing Tibet tour services. In order to travel or go to Tibet, You must book your tour with a local travel agency. The regulations of Tibet tourism bureau clearly states, all the international visitors must book their tour with a travel agent in Lhasa or Tibet. Tour guide and Private vehicle are must service.

white palace of Potala palace

Tibet travels permit

This Travel document is the must for all the international travelers and it is issued by the Tibet tourism bureau. Remember, No travel agency give Tibet permit the only service. Usually, it takes two weeks to process Tibet travel permit. So the travelers must send the copy of the passport and the copy of visa about twenty days before your arrival day. In this window period, your agency will make your permit.
The permit will be delivered to you if you are landing in other cities of China. For this, you must give the flight details and hotel details for delivering your permit. read the following paragraph about how.

Tibet travel route

Two points of entering into Tibet.

There is no international flight directly to Lhasa, besides Nepal. So it makes only two entry point to Tibet

Entering from Nepal

If you are entering into Tibet, either by flight or overland from Nepal. You must get the Chinese visa from the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu. This is why, please do not apply for the visa from where else than from Nepal. Usually, it takes three to four days in Nepal to process your visa. Your travel agency will have to send you a visa invitation. You can either do the VISA by your own self or use an agent in Nepal should apply for your visa.
If you are taking this route, Your agency in Tibet will not send you, your Tibet travel permit. Your guide will have your permit in hand at the border when receiving you.

Please remember. The process for VISA takes three to four days before coming to Tibet.

Entering from other parts of China.

Taking flight to Tibet

If you prefer to travel into Tibet from other parts of China. You should get your VISA without invitations from the travel agency in Tibet, and it is always better not to mention about your Tibet tour plan at the embassy as they might ask you provide them lots for document and you could skip those confusions if you do not tell them about Tibet travel plan.
Your travel agency must be provided with  your flight information if you are taking transits at other cities of China. Or your hotel details, if you are staying over night in that city. Your agency will post your permit at the given address. You must show it at the airport before boarding the plane.

Many travel agencies would recommend you to transits at Chengdu for it is easier and more secure in delivering your permit.

Taking train to Tibet

Taking the train to Tibet is best options, you will not only get an opportunity to view the beautiful scenic of Tibetan plateau, but also a gradual acclimatization while traveling. If you choose the train. Your agency will send you a scanned copy of your Tibet permit and you will have to make a copy to show at the train station.

If you are taking a train to Tibet, please make sure you have access to you mail in China. There are many cases, where travelers loose they access to their mail account after making a shift in Location, and ends up in trouble getting the copy before coming to Tibet. It is always better to have the phone number and other contact info of your tour operator so that you can contact in such scenario. I always upload the copy of permit on my blog so my clients can easily download the permit without even opening their mail.

But many tour operator doesn’t have this level technical capabilities. In this case, have their phone number in handy.

Old Lhasa gate stupa

There are lots of other Tibet travel information, you will need to know before coming to Tibet like the weather in Tibet, high altitude sickness, do and don’ts in Tibet, Attraction or top sites in Tibet, things to Do in Tibet and top 100 Tibet travel Tips. We will be writing about those in time to time and you can check on my blog. or you can read about Tibet travel information on my friend website.

But always remember, going to travel Tibet is easy and possible. please write to me if you have any questions and suggest a topic. email us at itibettravel@gmail.com

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