Frequently asked question about Tibet tourism answered, In this post i will try to attempt to answer all the frequent asked questions by the visitors or readers. These questions are ask by many of my followers on Social medias. I have answered the questions as per my latest information and there are all true at the time of writing. The answers are subject to change as per the changes of tourism policy of Local government of Tibet autonomous region and Tibet tourism bureau.

1) Is it possible to travel independently in Tibet?

Answer: Unfortunately no. independent travel is not possible. All the tour must be organised with the local Tibetan travel agencies. you will have to hire a tour guide and private tourist vehicle for the tour. Please read here for the Tibet tourism regulations for year 2016. 

2) What are the Document require for applying Tibet Travel permit and how can we apply the Permit?

Answer: Tibet travel permit is free, but can be made only by the travel agency you will book your tour with. The first document you will need in making your permit is a valid Passport. please remember, you will have to send the copy of passport on which you are going to get your visa. The second Document is the Visa. Beside L (which is a tourist visa) all the other kind of visa holders has to produce another letter from your host in China. For example, if you have student visa you will have to send the letter from your school.

Once when you have, all the require document submitted to your travel agency, Our agency will apply for your permit at the Tibet tourism bureau. it take more then 15 days to make. prior to you arrival you will get it in hand. Aliens permit can be make in an hour by your guide.

3) How to get to Tibet? 

Answer: There is a two way to get to Tibet. there fore from Nepal and from China. click for more information about how to go to Tibet?

If you are traveling into Tibet from Nepal, there is a two option you can choose from. You can take overland journey into Tibet or take a flight to Lhasa. Taking flight to Lhasa could cost your more then 250 USD per person.

If you are coming in from China, there is also a two means of transportation, rail ways or the flight to Lhasa. railway is much better and i always recommend every one to go for a railway route at else on one way. click here for Train to Tibet. 

4) What is the cost of Tibet tour?

Answer: The cost of the tour varies base on the number of people in the group, the places of visit, and number of days in the tour. for example the tour to Kailash is the most expensive tour in Tibet tourism. Ideally the average cost to the tour to Tibet would be 150 USD per person per day. If you join a group tour the ideal tour price would be 1050 USD per person base on small group tour of eight person in a group. If you want to have private tour the good price for the private tour could come around 2500 USD for a private group with two members.

5) What are the things we need to keep in mind when dealing with Tibetan?

Answer: Tibetans are very polite and claim people. During your travel, you will be visiting our monasteries, and spiritual centers. i think it would be great if travelers would respect the privacy and claim, we require in doing your religious rituals. We would really appreciate if you could ask permission before taking our Picture. In this way you will get a better click.

It is highly request for the travelers to respect the local custom and traditions. follow the rules in monasteries and photography is strictly prohibited in any monasteries.

6) What should we pack before traveling to Tibet?

Answer: good sun glass, warm light coat, umbrella, medicines, comfortable shoe, if you miss any thing you can buy it in Lhasa.

7) What do i have to pack when trekking in Tibet?

Water proof coat, warm light coat, good comfortable walking shoe, first aid, and sun screen lotion. Sleeping bag but ask if your travel agency provides.

8) Can we take picture every where in Tibet?

You cant take picture any where. please do not take picture of any one with they permission. do not take picture of military base, police station and security personals. in any monastery it is strictly prohibited in taking picture. yet the politeness in asking for permission could give you a very beautiful click.

9) What is the currency in Tibet? Are there any ATM cashpoint?

The Chinese RMB or Chinese Yuan is the currency in Tibet. But you can bring some dollars to pay for your tour services as many travel agency calculated the tour price with dollar.

Automatic Tally Machine or ATM is available every where in Tibet, many hotel has cash point facilities in there premise. It is always better to cash enough money on departure from one point to another.

10) Where can we eat? what is the food like?

All the Tibetan meals are very good, If you dont like Tibetan food there are lots of restaurant selling Indian, Nepalese, and Chinese food. The average cost per meals is about 10 US Dollar per meals.

11) Is Tibet safe place? It is safe to walk out in the night?

Answer: Yes Tibet is very safe place. Tibetans are usually good people, but they are bad in all good, So prevention is always better. If you are walking in the night i would suggest to avoid remote streets. and avoid walking alone out after 10 PM.

12) Can Tibetan speak English?

Yes and No. Many Tibetan nows a days can speak and read English very well but you are not likely to meet those people during your trip beside your guide and the driver. Almost every Tibetan in City and towns can speak very fluent mandarin.

13) How about the transportation in Tibet?

The standard of Transportation in Tibet is very good. Travelers can use local transportation like taxi and bus in the cities. Beside this you will have to take a private tourist car and in most of the cases it is included in your tour price.

14) Should i take medicine with me?

We also suggest travelers to bring some basic first aid medicine including drug for fever and pain killers.

15) Is Wifi Available?

Almost every hotels and coffee shops has Wifi facilities.

16) How can i find a reliable travel agency in Lhasa?

There are lots of travel website. but it is rather very hard to find the good Tibetan local travel agencies in Lhasa online. it is always better to refer to The Tibet travel expert like lonely planet, trip advisor and The land of snows.

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