Trekking in Lhasa city part two is the continuation of our Trekking in Tibet post. There are lots of popular activities in Lhasa and in Tibet, which travelers normally miss during their few days visit Tibet. Tibet is not only Lhasa to Mount Everest tour, Tibet has more to offer and hiking is one of the many activities many travelers would miss out to do. So we are writing about the trekking in Lhasa city and in Tibet to enhance travelers experiences in Tibet.

prayering and offering on top of gephel utse,Trekking to lhasa part two

Today I am going to write about the two days hiking to Gephel Utse above the Drepung monastery. Before we proceed to the main trekking information I would like to share about Our local ritual to trekking to the Gephel Utse.

Once when the Tibetan Buddism was finally institutionalized as an official religion of Tibet in the eighth century by Tibetan King Trisong Detsen. A very popular Tibetan Incense burning celebration was initialize. This popular celebration to commemorate the initializing of Tibet Buddhism as an official religion of Tibetan Tubu Royal court is known as Tsamling Chizang (which falls on the 15th Day of the fifth Tibetan month). During the day those who are able in Lhasa would do two days hiking to the top of the Drepung monastery to offer the incense to hail the victory of Indian Vajrayana Buddhism the great Samye debate  against the Han Chinese Zen Buddhism.

poeple walking up the gephal utse, Trekking to lhasa part two

During our childhood, we would often do this hiking with our classmates and friends and this would be our only chances for a night out of the family.

Usually, we start in the afternoon at about 2:00 Pm from the Drepung monastery and we would reach the nomad place of the monastery on the half way to the top. where we would camp for a night. and on the next, we would get up before the dawn and we would continue walking up to the top to reach there when the sunlight touches the Lhasa valley.  Upon reaching the top we would make incense offering and put the prayer flags.

offering incense on top of Gephel Utse

After the small religious ritual and lots of shouting on the top of the hill, we would descend down to the Lhasa valley to reach back the monastery in the afternoon.

here is an article wrote by a Foreign student in Tibet university about her experiences doing the Gephel Utse hiking with her local Tibetan friend’s family. follow her tumblr blog;

final minute walk to gephel utse, trekking in Lhasa

Here are my tips this trekking in Lhasa

1) bring some bottle of drinking water, enough for a One day and a night

2) Make sure you have a good tent and sleeping bag arranged by your travel agency in Lhasa.

3) Bring enough food and energy bar.

4) try to buy some prayer flags and incense for the ritual on the top hill just for the local experience.

5) Bring power banks to charge your camera, photo, and another device. please try to save the power to Last for the top of the hill. it’s very beautiful on the top.

6) Bring a torch as you will be walking up from half way to the top in Dark.

7) walking stick and a comfortable shoe are highly recommend.

8) you will not likely find a potter or a Yak to carry your camping gears so I would recommend you to pack light.

and time for group photo

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