Yamdrok Lake ཡར་འབྲོག་གཡུ་མཚོ་།

Yamdrok Lake is one of the four holly lakes in Tibet, beside Lhamo Lha Tso, Namtso, Manasarovar. These are considered as the Great Wrathful Lakes” guarded by the goddess Dorje Gegkyi Tso. Yamdrok consider very holy and every human being in southern and central Tibet would make pilgrimage here once in their life time.According to our believe the lake is consider the life line of the inhabitants of Tibet. It is believes that if the lake dries up, Tibet would become inhabitable place.

yamdrok lake from gampa la

As you will drive from Lhasa, you can see the Lake from the summit of Kampa-la pass (4700 m). Yamdrok lake lies several hundred meters below the summit. If the whether is clear during your visit, you will see a deep turquoise shape of the lake from the top. Lake is surround by many snow-capped mountains, more particularly the Mount Nojin Kangtsang (7191 meters). The deep shape of the lake plus the surrounding mountains makes it very beautiful for photograph and the on lookers.

Yamdrok is located 100 km from Lhasa and about 90 km from Gyantse. From Gyantse to Lhasa road you will be driving on the shore of the lake for about half an hours. it is good ideas to tell you tour operator about visiting the Yamdrok Lake. some agency trend to avoid covering extra kilometers by taking you from direct route to Lhasa.it is worth to stop at the Kampa la pass and look back to the lake. its breath-taking to seeing the lake in it geographical set-up surrounded by the chain of snow-capped mountains.

men yak and yamdrok lake

If you are starting your tour from Lhasa. you will start of very early in the morning to avoid being late for the Gyantse site seeings. By the mid day you will reach the lake. Before the lake you will reach at the Kampa-la pass, it is worth to stop for a picture and seeing the lake in it geographical setup. the panoramic view from the Kamba la is breath-taking. then gradually you will descend down to the lake shore. please note the it very crowded at the traditional stops for tourist. if you want to avoid the crowd you can ask the guide to stop somewhere else.

After the stop you will drive along the lake shore for about half an hours. if you are traveling in winter. don’t miss the opportunity to take a look at the wild birds around the lake. after the lake you will stop at Nangartse for the lunch.

yamdrok lake in monsoon

You can also visit the Samding ling monastery, one very unique thing about the monastery is the main abbot of the monastery is a female lama. Dorje Pakmo is reincarnate and She is the only female Lama in Tibet, and Tibetan Buddhism. The lake is closely associate the Padmasambhawa.

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