Tibet Nepal Border Update

Tibet Nepal Border Updates

Tibet Nepal Border update, May 2017:  According unofficial update from the both side of Himalayas in Nepal and Here is Lhasa. Tibet Nepal Border is going to reopen in the Month of July at old border town of Zhangmu. Some source also say the reopening is likely to take place in the month of August. But there is not official confirmation.

Tibet Nepal Border open 2016: After the devastating earthquake in Nepal 2015 and certain border area inside the Tibet in the year 2015. The border has been close every since the border between Nepal and Tibet has been close for the international travelers.  The border of Gyirong or Geelong was open for Nepalese and Chinese tourist and traders. According to CCTV 13, the local news channel in China. the border between Tibet and Nepal will be open at Gyirong port for the International traveler from the month of June. but we haven’t had any confirmation from the Tibet tourism bureau. I will keep my readers update in this post.

gyirong, Tibet Nepal Border open 2016

This is the post from Tibet.cn about the opening of the border. http://www.tibet.cn/video/news/1461566762907.shtml

Its been over sometimes since 1st June, we have been waiting for a news about the opening of the border. but it has not really happen for the international travelers. Some local reports indicate the few Indian pilgrim has made to Tibet from Gyirong border. yet we have not have any official confirmation about it.

Heavy Rains Cause New Damage in Border Region

July Update: The heavy monsoon rain has cause a damages on the road. some video shows a heavy rockslide just pass the Chinese custom on the border. We think this would further delay in opening of China -Nepal border in Kyirong. And now no one is really sure about when the border is going to reopen. If there is Tibet Nepal Border update in will keep this post update.

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