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Why visit Tibet? Tibet, the region of China; loaded with Natural beauty, Monuments, Temples, unique architect, and most importantly the Culture and heritage of Tibetan, makes Tibet one of the most aspired travel destination in the world. Among the numerous reasons which make Tibet a delightful travel destination. The unique landscape of the roof of the world and its cultures and traditions which emerge from the roof the world is of great wonder. Mythic tales of this high land have been the main reason why many explore in history are keen in exploring the region. The beauty of solitude landscape and devotion of Tibetan are the main reason which keeps many travelers starting to make plans for the next trip before starting the end of the current trip.  No words are enough to describe this land and experiences after exploring this land.   Yet they would be thousand of reason to a question, why visit Tibet.

Following are the most common answer I get from clients on the question. Why visit Tibet?

whenever I ask travelers why he wants to visit Tibet. there all gives me wide verities of answers. but the most common answer is, Its Tibet. followings are some of the most popular response I get for the question, why visit Tibet?

Number 1; Tibetan culture and heritage.

After all, Tibet has been isolated from rest of the human civilization until recently. Tibet is a landlocked area, locked away by the mighty Himalaya and other mountain range in eastern Tibet. Old regional Tibetan government has implemented in the policy of Isolation with has prevented many explorers in visiting Tibet. Which is why Tibet has been a mystery world for a very long time.

Due this isolation and alienation, there have been lots of mythical tales about Tibet and existence of heaven called Shambala beyond the Himalayas. On the other hand, there has been a development of unique cultural heritage in Tibet, which is of the very unique in this world and absolutely beautiful in encountering to it.

From the religious ceremony to social institutions, Tibetan way of life and more over the interpretation of the meaning of life and death is very unique and it is mostly influenced by the Buddhism and Bon ( the Pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet).

I will be writing more about Tibetan cultural heritage under the banner ship of  Aura of Tibet. I hope my readers would follow into read more about Tibetan culture.

Number 2; The wilderness of Tibetan landscape.

Tibet consists of a variation of Landscape, from alpine in the southern region to the world highest plateau in the north. During your tour to Tibet, you will be driving through the lakes, mountain passes, and the driving along with the Himalayas. Image driving Thought the huge empty landscape where you can spot some nomads camp with lots of Yaks and folks of wildlife in the same eyes frame.

Tour to Mount Everest base camp is a must and it is a most popular tour. during the tour, you will spend a night camping at the tenth guest house at Everest base camp right below the majestic Everest.

Number 3; Tibetan People and their devotion to their faith.

Another main reason why everyone, why many travelers in Tibet are returning visitor, is the impression they get in  Tibet. Most of our clients are visiting Tibet for the second Time. many starts planning for the next visit before completing the current tour. When I ask them for the reason why they would visit Tibet again. The most common answer is the devotion of people have in their religion and peace of mind that travelers could find in the temples.

Many describe the experience in Jokhang temple in particular as an experience of Time travel back to centuries. Many travelers told me when their see the act of devotion from Tibetan to their religion makes them feel a peace of mind of following the flow in the Temple.

Number 4; Spiritual Rejuvenation

Tibet due to its location, culture, and Uniqueness, gives every traveler an out of the world experience. Being the highest land in this world has a very special effect of the spiritual self of travelers. Many saints in ancient time come to Tibet to meditate for the very special impact this highland has on spiritual development.

Tibet is increasing popular among the foreign resident in other parts of China and southeast  Asia as a destination for a getaway from the modern life.

Number 5; Find your own reason, why visit Tibet?

The mysterious land of Tibet itself is the greatest reason why visit Tibet. I would challenge my reader to resist the temptation in visit Tibet. after going through the beautiful pictures of Tibet,  I am regularly posting in Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus.  I bet you, you would not able to resist answer the question, why visit Tibet?

why visit tibet


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