Taking the train to Tibet makes travel to Tibet very economical and this journey gives a great opportunity for the travel to see the wilderness and isolated Changthang Area, which would otherwise become inaccessible.

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The Tibet train project was included in Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s proposal of 1917-1920. After the formation of Tibet Autonomous region in 1950. The central government of the People’s republic of China pursued the dream of Dr. Sun. But the lack of technology and fund prevent the project from getting the start at the initial stage.

The 815 Km of Rail from Xining to Golmud was open for traffic in 1984. The construction of remaining 1142 Kms started 2001 and completed 2005.

There are 44 stations along the route. Among them, Tangula mountain railway station, at 5068 is the highest in the World. The construction of the Tibet Railway is one of the greatest accomplishment of China in the 20th Century. It is truly an Architectural Marvel.

Tibet trains schedule from Different cities.

1) Chengdu to Lhasa Train

Chengdu to Lhasa train is the most popular train route for many foreign travelers. This route connects the Home of the giant panda with Lhasa. This train route covers 3360 Kms of railways track crossing % provinces of China.


The Schedule of Chengdu-Lhasa Train (2016)

Train Number






Ticket Price




41:37 hours


Every other day

¥668(hard sleeper)

¥1062 (soft sleeper)






Every other day

¥668((hard sleeper)

¥1062 (soft sleeper)

2) Beijing to Lhasa Train

Beijing to Lhasa Train was initially one of first three train route to Tibet. Beijing to Lhasa train  route covers 3757 Kms and cross over 8 provinces of China

being to Lhasa train

The schedule of Beijing-Lhasa Train (2015)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration Distance Frequency Ticket Price
T27 20:10 13:08 42:20 hours 3753km daily ¥720
(hard sleeper)
(soft sleeper)
T28(return) 15:30 8:20 40:50 hours daily ¥720
(hard sleeper)

3) Shanghai to Lhasa Train

This is one of the three early train routes. The route covers 4373 Kms and crosses 8 provinces from east China to west China.

Shanghai to Lhasa

The schedule of Shanghai-Lhasa Train (2015)

Train Number Departure Arrival  Duration Distance Frequency Ticket Price
T164/165 19:16 19:10  46:27hours 4373 km daily CNY 795.5
(hard sleeper)
CNY 1262.5
(soft sleeper)
T166/163(return) 12:15 11:28 47:13 hours daily CNY 795.5
(hard sleeper)
(soft sleeper)

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How to get a Tibet train ticket.

Getting train ticket by yourself is possible from China, but you will have to stand in long line for the ticket and you might need to show your Travel permit to Tibet (which in most case you do not get until the last minute). The best option is to have your local travel agency to have it done for you.

How to book Train ticket for Tibet

Booking Train ticket to Tibet is another confusion many of my clients have it. thought I do help them book the ticket yet it is becoming expensive after the booking service fees I am paying to the booking agency and bank and Paypal fees for money transactions. It is my sincere advice for all the travelers to book with China highlights directly. there are very professional and they are very responsible in the service. you can book your train ticket from them while you are home and you can book way in advance. likewise, for air ticket booking I would recommend CheapOair

Tibet travel permits situation for the train travelers to Tibet.

If you are traveling in Tibet via Train, your travel agency will not post the original Tibet travel permit. There will send you the copy of permit by email. please make sure you have access to your email in China. The best solution is to Download a mobile app call we chat, this is the Chinese version of Whatsapp. Everyone in Tibet uses it, with this you can have better communications with your tour provider.

if you have any question about The Tibet train  journey. please write to me info@itibettravel.com


Here are some other train route to Tibet

  1. Xining to Lhasa Train
  2. Guangzhou to Lhasa Train
  3. Chongqing to Lhasa Train

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