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Tourist attractions in Tibet

    Here is the list of tourist attractions in Tibet, there are lots of destinations and regions within the Tibet. Tibet is a very vast area and it has a very long history in its evolution both as the Civilization and the Geological. Tibet is home to some of the most beautiful landscape and monasteries of the World.

    Attractions on Lhasa Prefecture

    Attractions on ShigatsePrefecture

    • skaya Lhoma from Jhangmaskaya Lhoma from Jhangma

    Sakya monastery

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    Sakya monastery is located at the northern hill of Sakya county in Shigatse prefecture of Tibet autonomous region of China. [...]

    • Everest base camp

    Everest base camp

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    Everest Base camp in this website refers to the tourist base camp at the foot of Everest in Tibet. It [...]

    Attractions on Shanan (Lhokha) Prefecture

    • view of tsedang from Yumbu Lhakang

    Tsedang རྩེ་ཐང།

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    TseDang is known as the ancient capital of Tibet. It is a home of Tibetan civilization. It has been the capital of till the rule of Songtsen Gampo, how later moved his capital to Lhasa [...]

    Attractions on Ali (Ngari) Prefecture

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