Tibet travel tips for the year 2018: After the dreadful Earthquake in Nepal, many of my friends are losing lots of prospective customer for not able to convince their clients, that Tibet is safe to travel and there are still a lot Tibet has to offer besides Mount Everest being close for Time being. So we, though, we should write a Tibet travel trips for those people who aspire to visit Tibet in the year 2018.

potala palace in Lhasa

Following are some Tibet travel tips

1) Entering into Tibet

Entering into Tibet from other parts of China has always been preferred by the majority of the travel agency and tour operators in Tibet. Because you will not have to get Chinese Group visa from the Chinese Embassy in Nepal. Read More Here

Entering Tibet from Nepal. If you are coming to Tibet from Nepal, The procedure for the Tibet travel permit and the Chinese Visa is different. You will need to get the Chinese Group visa from The Chinese Embassy in Nepal. Please read here for more.


Tibet in autumn

2) Keep your itinerary flexible

If you are traveling to Tibet in next one month time. Please consider keeping your itinerary flexible. This week I have ten groups traveling in Tibet and I have three alternative travels plans forever one. and every group has a unique pleasant travel experience in Tibet. I knew Everest is the main tourist destinations, for the relief effort and for the safety reason the route to Mt Everest base camp is close.

Everest may reopen any time. but we are not sure when will it be. This morning there is a rumor about Mt Everest Base Camp being open for travelers. Everyone thought it is true, but at the end of the day, we receive notice from Tibet tourism bureau stating it is closed until further notice.

So whether you will have the opportunity to see Everest from Tibet side or Not, purely depends on how fast the relief work is over and how fast the tectonic plate would stable.  So my advice is please keep your itinerary flexible as much as possible.

Adding a place on Tibet travel permit is easily done by local travel agencies.

Namtso lake from hill top

3) Try going for the eastern loop

The Central Western Tibet has been a most popular tourist destination for many years. But there is a  less travel Central East Tibet. This off the beaten loop could give you an opportunity to be a visit to the Tibet, which is of less traveled by western travelers. The combination of the Northern nomads with the southeastern semi-nomads could give you a new flavor of Tibet.

In the eastern loop travel, you can start with Lhasa for some days. Then you will drive to northern Namtso Lake. After the Namtso lake, you will continue to drive the eastern valley of Lhasa River. In that valley, you will be driving to the villages of Tibetan farmers and beauty of remote Tibet. This route offers a great opportunity for every traveler a unique opportunity to come closer to Tibetans and enjoy Our way of life.

The combining texture of our culture, the natural beauty and the smiles of Tibetan when you enter into their homes would make you an everlasting tales to tell and everlasting memories to remember.

kailash and prayer flags, Tibet travel tips

4) You can try visiting Kailash and far western Tibet

Kailash region was close last year, which caused lots of cancellations of tours. This year after the Nepal earthquake the region was close only for a very short time. And they reopen it very soon. Since now the region is open I think this year is an ideal year for the Kailash journey. There are many travel agencies offering the Mt Kailash group tour for the single travelers, As we are.

If you have any question about Tibet travel regulations and Tibet travel. We will be more than happy to provide you the first-hand information. please write to me at info@itibettravel.com

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