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Tibet travels regulations: In this post, we will offer the latest Tibet travel restrictions and regulations. As we are a local travel agency in Tibet, we have the most reliable source of information and in-depth knowledge of the Tibet tourism and Tibet’s climatical conditions.

Since we are dealing with Tibet autonomous Region only. My post only about the Tibet Autonomous region. For more details about Tibetan inhabitant region in China, Please follow the post on The land of snow’s Tibet travel regulations 2016.


gyantse, Tibet travel regulations 2016

Gyantse Kumbum pagoda in Gyantse town in central Tibet

Things to Consider while reading about Tibet travel regulations 2016:

1) The regulations are the policies of people’s Government of Tibet Autonomous Region and it applies to all the travel agencies for international travelers. It is not the Travel agencies who make their policies.

2) The regulations might change over a period of Time and I will be trying to keep up to date information about the new regulations if there is.

3) The regulations are up to date when posting (24th January 2016), and are subject to change over the times. I will have more update at the end of March.

Overall Tibet travel regulations 2016

All the international travelers  traveling to Tibet autonomous region are required to be on an organized tour by a travel agency in Lhasa. All the tours must have a private vehicle, Tibet tour guide and Tibet travel permits when traveling in Tibet.  The travelers from Norway are currently not getting permit for Tibet

Winter closer

As of now Tibet tourism bureau is making permit only until 20th of February. After this Tibet’s annual closure would be effective. which mean Tibet would be close to the End of March. During the annual closure, no international traveler would be able to get the permit. Hence, would not be able to be in Tibet.

Normally the agency would start to make permit during the last end of the March. Yet at the different time. This could mean earliest travelers would arrive in Tibet at the first week of the April. It would be advisable for every traveler to plan the tour on the second half of April and remember, it would take about 14 days and more to make your permits.

mt kailash, Tibet travel regulations 2016

Mount Kailash region would require a lots of permit to be make. processing days would be more then 26 Days

Group travel in Tibet

Many travel website which does not update frequently may tell you about traveler require having a group of more than three people from the same country. Traveling to Tibet now in 2016 does not require you to be in a group. Individual travelers can also get the permit to Tibet, but still need to be a part of an organized tour.

But Since private tour in Tibet is very expensive to many travelers. Many travel agencies and tour operator in Tibet do organize a group tour to share a cost of mandatory car, guide and driver cost. We do organize the group departing every single month. please check this link for our group tour dates and itineraries.

Tibet travel permits 2016

Every international traveler must require a permit to Travel in Tibet autonomous region. No one can obtain the permit from your own self and only the local travel agency in Tibet can help getting a permit.

You will need to send your visa and passport copies if you are coming into Tibet from other parts of China. read more

if your plan is to come to Tibet from Nepal. you will need to get a mandatory Group visa from the Chinese embassy in Nepal. You will only need to send your passport copies to the travel agency in Lhasa to make the permit. read more.

Normally it takes about 14 days process Tibet travel permit, If you are traveling to Mt Kailash region, it would take more than 20 to four weeks to make. It is always better to conclude your travel deals with travel agency some months before and have your visa prepare a month in advance and have it send to your agency well in advance.

Tibet – Nepal International border closed

Last year there was the devastating earthquake in Nepal, which was also felt in Tibet side of the border. ever since the border between two nation has been close for travelers. we are not sure when it will reopen. when it does we will update it on this post and our site.

if you would like to read about Tibet travel regulation 2015 please visit the page on a link


tashi lhunpo mnastery, Tibet travel regulations 2016

Tashi Lhunpo monastery in Shigatse, this is town all the travellers has to make a aliens permit before proceeding to Mt Everest

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