Tibet travel information: Tibet was known as the hidden and forbidden land behind the mighty Himalaya. Never before the Tibet has been accessible to foreign visitors. Yet due to misinformation in western media, many travelers think it is inaccessible for traveling. Due to the rapid modernization of infrastructure and priority of Tourism industry by the local and central government, Tibet is more accessible than any time in human history.

But there are some regulations, we need to consider for the Geopolitical sensitivity of the region. You can travel to Tibet in any month of the year beside the month march. When the Tibet Tourism Bureau will be updating their system. Besides that, you can travel Tibet around the year. Traveling in Tibet in straightforward and easy. But here are some conditions you will have to consider. You must have a Tibet Travel permit (A Travel document to Tibet), Tourist Cab, Tour Guide, and your Tibet tour must be booked with a local travel company. There are the only conditions, you will have to consider before traveling in Tibet. There is the certain group of professionals for which the Travel company can’t organize your permit. for them, there will have to permit with some special agency. For example for mountaineers, climbing mountains in Tibet have to get the permit, and expedition must be organized by Tibet Mountaineering Association.

Following are the most important Tibet travel information you will need to know

Tibet Travel permit

Tibet travel permit, Tibet visa, and Tibet permit are the different names for the same document, you will need for traveling in Tibet. This Document has to be processed in advance, at least in 15 days before your arrival day of in Tibet. This Document can be made by the travel agency with whom you are booking your tour with. The travel permit can be made only by a travel agency based in Lhasa. So if you are booking Tour with travel company which is not based in Tibet, this could mean you are booking your tour with some middlemen and we think it is always better to book your tour with travel company based in Lhasa for its locality and easier access when you are in Tibet.

Usually, there are two ways of obtaining your Tibet travel permit. For both, you will need to book the tour with the Tibet travel agency. It depends on your point of entry. If you are coming in from Nepal or If you are coming in from other parts China, either stopping there or transit in China.

If you are entering into Tibet from China, either by stopping in some big cities for overnight or taking transits. Your travel agency has to show your visa to the Tibet tourism bureau for making the permit. You will have to send the copy of your passport and the visa, three weeks in advance. Sometimes, they take a lot more time in the process your permit. If you have L visa which is for tourist, you don’t need to show any other document. Besides this, if you have any other type of visa, you will have to bring an additional letter from your host in China, for example, if you are working in China. Your employer needs to write the letter stating your employment status and etc.

If you are entering from Nepal, you must consider in applying for your Chinese Group Visa from the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu in Nepal. If you have applied for the Visa from your country or any other places than Nepal. Your visa will be revoked in Nepal and you will not get entrance from Nepal. Either by Air or overland. So you must consider in giving yourself a free time in Nepal for at least three working days. Please tell your travel agency about travel plan after Tibet, as it is important for your travel agency in sending you the visa invitation and Tibet permit.

No Travel Agency can send you, your Tibet permit beyond the domestic jurisdiction of the Peoples Republic of China. This means nowhere else. Maybe there can send you a picture of it to prove that you have the permit to Travel to Tibet. Your permit waits for the entrance/ border of China.

If you are entering from Nepal, either by overland or by Air, your permit waits for you at the borders with your guide.

If you are taking transit in Chengdu, your agency will send someone to the Airport to deliver your permit. Please make sure you have the contact number of the delivery guy, in case if needed, Or if you choose to stop somewhere in China before coming to Tibet, your agency will send the permit to your Hotel. Please be careful in checking your name on the second page of the permit and the hologram sticker on the upper right corner of the first page. Sometimes, a hotel may mix permits between you and other travelers, creating confusion. The second page of the permit contains your Name and other information.

If you are coming by train from another province of China. Your agency will email you a scanned copy of your permit and you can print it and show it to the security personals at the train station. Please make one color copy and Two black and white copies.

This is not the only permit need to make for traveling in Tibet. As per the nature of your place o the visit, you will be needing to make different permits. But in short you don’t have to worry about it, your agency will take care of other permits. That’s why we don’t even mention about the about other permits to our clients as it seems complex and makes them feel discouraged from visiting Tibet.

The point of entry into Tibet.

There are two routes you can choose to get into Tibet. One from Nepal and the other from another province of China. Before going details about it. Please remember, there is no direct international flight to Tibet besides from Nepal. So you will either have to Land in Nepal or Land in other cities of China before heading into Tibet.

  • The first point of entering is from Nepal. Remember, you will have to get a Visa from the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu. That means you will have to stop in Nepal to get that Visa. It normally takes three working days to make the permit. Some agency may say you must find a travel agent in Nepal to get the Visa done. But many of our clients we have an Agent in Nepal to help you with the Visa. You will not be issued a visa if you are going directly to the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu to get Visa. So I do recommend you to do it with an agent for the same reasons. When you are applying for Visa in Nepal, please bring the Latest Multi-colored New United States Dollar Note, Not the older Dollar. Also in Tibet too. Our agent in Nepal was telling me for some reason the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu is not accepting the Older Dollar note. From Nepal, you can either choose to travel by overland, or by Air. In both cases, your guide and your car will be waiting for you at the border. (Note: You can’t take transit in Nepal).
  • The second point of entry is from other cities in China. You can either take transit in those cities or stop for a night. All the travel agency does appreciate. if you land first in other cities in China, rather than stopping in Nepal. This is because it is easier for both parties. Your tour operators don’t have to make your Visa invitations and You can skip of wasting some days in Nepal. If you are continuing traveling by Air to Tibet. there are two ways to get your let.
    If you are staying in a hotel, We will send you, your permit to the Hotel or their agent would meet you at the airport. If you are not staying overnight in those cities. we can only deliver your permit to Chengdu airport.
    If you are coming in by train then you will be emailed a scanned copy of your permit and a print of your permit will do at the train station. Remember you must have your permit in your hand if you are coming in from other parts of China.

Tibet tour

All the travel agency in Tibet can give you a costume made Tibet tour packages for you. Given that, you know the place of visit. In another case, you can tell them what you are interested in Tibet. With knowing what you want to experience or learn Tibet, Your Tibet travel agency can help you make a perfect tour itinerary for you. Over the years, We have many new Buddhist visitors and we do make the tour to suit their sect or lineage. If someone is a strong believer of some Lama and I do make the tour as per the history for that Lama and the school to which one belongs to. This is really appreciated by many travelers. Like us, all your other tour provider can help you in making a costume made the tour to meet your needs.

If you are new to Tibetan culture and Tibet. There are some very popular tour itineraries available for you in the all the major Website and tour guide books. You can also see some of the very popular tours in my Tibet tour packages page of our website. Remember, good and local agencies are always flexible, yet there is a limitation from your Tibet travel permit, which can be changed upon your arrival in Lhasa. It is ok to change the itineraries everything on the permit can be changed.

Remember it is always better to know something about the attractions of Tibet before deciding on the tour itinerary. it helps a great deal. There are lots of great source for the information. Here on our website, I have to try to bring you more detail explanation about every attraction in Tibet which we deemed important. All the information we have put on the website are based on our local knowledge and Tibetan books. we hope this information could be of great help.

Tibet Group Tours

If you are looking for traveling to Tibet in the most inexpensive way, we offer a Tibet group tours where you can join your other travel partners. Our Group tours are 200 USD less as compare to other travel agencies.

Please read here about our 100 top Tibet travel tips. If you need any further information about Tibet travel and Tibet tours. please write to me at info@itibettravel.com.

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