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Tibet travel permit or Tibet Visa

Tibet permit or Tibet Travel permit is often misjudge by many of our clients as the only permit required to travel in Tibet. Yes, it is the prime permit paper in Tibet, but it has its own limitations. Tibet travel permit is often referred as Tibet visa or Tibet permit. There is few number of permit you will need to make, it will differ base upon your itinerary. But you don’t have to get confuse for the permit as you service provider should have a good idea what is the need for which. But the travel agencies can only make the Tibet permit for all travelers except for the Government officials, journalist and diplomats. If you are in these categories, you will have to contact the Foreign Affairs Office in Tibet. Read here about the Visa policy of Peoples republic of china.

Tibet travel permit
  • Anyone, who holds a foreign passport, or, in other words, non-Chinese passport holders.
  • Ethical Chinese from overseas, who do not have a Chinese passport.
  • Visitors from Taiwan, who might not have valid Identity card of China.
  • Citizens from Hong Kong and Macau, how hold; home visiting certificates, SAR passport and travel permit to and from Hong Kong and Macau do not Tibet travel permits.

Different types of Tibet permit:

Tibet tourism bureau permit is also know as Tibet Visa to many travelers for it nature. This is the prime permit need to enter into Tibet. Travelers have to shown this permit at the point of enter, without this permit you will not be able to enter in to Tibet. This travel permit can be obtain from your travel agency. Travelers must have this permit during the entire trip dates. You will also have to show this permit while you are boarding the plan.
Important Note

1)Only with this permit in hand, you will be able to abroad the plane.
2) This permit is for only inside Lhasa if you want to travel outside Lhasa. your agency will have to make Alien’s travel permit
3) It takes five working days to apply for the permit, given that you have submit all the necessary document on time and clear scans.

Tibet aliens travel permit

this permit is require if you are traveling through or to restricted areas. It is issued by the foreign affair section of local public security bureau. It normal takes several hours to apply it. Your guide will ask you for your passport to submit it for the permit. usually in normal tour you can apply for it on arrival. but if you are travelling overland from neighboring province to Tibet, you will need it before making starting the tour.

Following are the list of restricted areas for which you need this permit:

1) In Tsadang region: Samye monastery, Tomb of kings, Trandruk monastery and Yumbu-Lhakang.
2) In Shigatse region: Sakya Monastery, Everest Base camp and Rongbuk monastery
3) In Gyantse region: Pelkhor Chode pagoda and Kumbum stupa
4) Ngari region: entire region
5) Nyingtri region: Basum tso, Pomi, Rawo Tso and etc
6) Chamdo region: Chamdo, Tengchen, Riwoche and etc

tibet military permit

If your tour itinerary has the military sensitive area such as : Nagqu, Ngari and Nyingchi, you are require to make the Military permit. It is issued by military office in Lhasa. Your travel agency will have to arrange this permit for you and usually it takes about 3 to 4 days to process the permit.

Some Other Important Informations

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