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A quick guide to Tibet, Everything you need to know for a trip to Tibet, the roof of the world.

One awesome Tibet Video

Haiku about Tibet

Devotion to the holiest
Land of pure wilderness
and the mighty Himalayas at nearest

At #mount #Everest #basecamp in Tibet

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Speak like local

Local Tibetan native speaks the Tibetan language (བོད་སྐད།) with a bit of difference in dialect every 100 Kilometers, Mandarin is another optional language to communicate better with local Chinese populations and officials.

Chat like local

The most popular Instant messaging app in Tibet and Other parts of China is WeChat. Many travel agency in Nepal also uses the same App. If you would like to use WhatApp with your travel agency and local friends but some service seems very slow.

Everything about Cash

We use RMB as Tibet a province of China. C1 CN¥=6.5 US$
All the major business center and ATMs but it has an ATM has a limitation of 3000 to more as per your bank.

Best time to Visit Tibet

April to June is the best time to visit, clear sky and clear view of landscapes, July to October, raining seasons in Tibet, it doesn’t rain much but sometimes cloudy sky may block your landscape. September is a festival time. October is a very high tourist season and I would recommend you to skip the first week of the Month. October is good for Kailash tours. November to February is a low season and dry cold winter, but they will be thousands of Tibetan coming down from Tibet Plateau, due to very less tourist and lots of Tibetan pilgrims, it is high recommended for culture experiences

Is it Safe?

With proper acclimatization, yes it is very safe to visit. If you should be concern about High altitude sickness, please consult your doctor before coming to Tibet

One Crazy fact about Tibet Travel permit.

You don’t have to do anything to get it. just send your passport and visa copy to your Tibetan travel agency and they will have it done for you.

Main Attractions

  1. Mount Kailash, the holiest mountain in the world in the far western part of Tibet
  2. Potala Palace; Seventh-century palace, home of all the Tibetan rulers every since
  3. Mount Everest Base Camp; the Camp right on the Lap of the mighty Everest. You can drive up to the base camp
  4. Namtso Lake; Holiest and highest lake in Lhasa, highly recommended for an overnight stay at the camp in Tashi do Island.

Getting in and Getting out

There are two ways to get into Tibet

  1. Entering Tibet from Nepal, by overland journey or a flight
  2. Entering Tibet from Other parts of China, via flight or train journey

Lhasa has only one international flight, that is from Kathmandu. you can also take an overland journey from Nepal to Tibet, but the border is close at the time of Writing. It is mandatory to get Chinese group visa from Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu

[alert type=”general” accent_color=”” background_color=”” border_size=”1px” icon=”” box_shadow=”yes” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ animation_offset=”” class=”” id=””]It is mandatory to get Chinese group visa from Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu[/alert]

It is mandatory to get Chinese group visa from Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. And you will need to use a travel agency in Nepal to Help you with applying for the visa, Your visa will be rejected if you try to do it your own self.

If you are coming in from China. there is two possible way to reaching Tibet; train and flight.

Coming from train does not require Original Tibet permit so your travel agency will send you the permit on mail and you can make a copy to show it to officers at the train station. Getting train ticket in high season could be hard so please book your ticket two month in prior.

If you are taking flight from other parts of China to Tibet. It is mandatory to have your original Tibet permit. If you are only taking transit in any Chinese airport your agency shall have some one deliver your permit to the airport or will be delivered to your hotel.

Lhasa Airport is located 60 Kilometers away from the main city and it takes about an hour to reach. Lhasa train station is located at the outskirt of the city and would take 15 minutes to reach the central city. In Lhasa travelers can us local transport, so they don’t really need a private vehicle in Lhasa. but it is mandatory if they are going anyway out of Lhasa city.


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