The common misconception about Tibet tourism In this post we will share some common misconception traveler encounter.

We are a local Tibetan travel agency. We have the day to day experiences in Organizing tours and getting travelers to visit Tibet.

misconception about Tibet Tourism

Following are The common misconception about Tibet tourism

Information base on our practical knowledge

  1. Visit Tibet is possible for everyone

    The majority of Our client tells us, they thought it was impossible to visit Tibet. The fact is Tibet is never so open to foreign travel in the history of Tibet as it is now. But there are some regulations in visiting Tibet. Beside all these regulation it is easy to get to Tibet.

  2. Tibet visa

    Travel website uses the term Tibet Visa to address for Tibet travel permit. Tibet is a part of the People’s republic of China. So they are only one visa required to visit Tibet and another part of the country, that is Chinese Visa. The term Tibet visa itself is confusing and wrong to use. Some travelers even ask if they would need a page in their passport for TIBET VISA.

    So using Tibet visa is a wrong term. Tibet travel permit is a permit issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. Your travel agency in Tibet will apply for you. Without this Permit, you will not be able to enter into Tibet autonomous region of China.

  3. Tibet permit without the tour

    There is a lot of search in a search engine with term Tibet permit without Tour. People often ask us if we can help them the Tibet travel permit without having their tour organized by us. There is no travel agency, who can make your Permit without booking tour services with them.

    Some travelers tell us, they saw an advertisement in the hostel about permit only services. Tibet tourism policy state no independent travel in Tibet.

  4.  The traveler needs to join a group tour to Travel to Tibet

    This year, people are asking us. If it is required to join a  tour group?. And there is some website saying so.

    A local Travel agency must organize your tour. But it is not prerequisite to join a group tour. You and your friends or family can have a private tour in Tibet.

    Tibet group tour is to bring down the tour cost by sharing the cost of Private Vehicle and the Guide fees. Which is a significant amount of total tour price? It is suitable for individual travelers. If you are more then four, I would recommend you in doing a private tour.

  5. You need to book with a Chinese travel agency

    Travel websites are telling. You will need to book your Tibet tour with a Chinese travel agency. For some reason, foreign travelers get confused with this. It creates complexity for anyone trying to visit Tibet.

    How every weird it might sound, but it does happen to us a couple of times. Legally speaking all the Citizen People’s Republic of China are Chinese. Unlike popular labeling of Han ( the majority) as Chinese. Tibetan in China is Tibetan Chinese and Han people as Han Chinese.

    So when That website states Chinese travel agency, it also means any travel agency own by a Chinese citizen in China. So it is OK to book your tour with a Tibetan travel agency too.

  6. Permit delivery and need of Original Tibet permit

    As the per the regulation. If a traveler in taking the flight to Lhasa. They will need the original Tibet travel permit in Hand. We will have to send the Permit to your hotel in China.

    If you are coming to Lhasa in Train, then you will not need the original Tibet permit. We will send you the scan copy in an email, and you can make a printout.  Please read details about coming to Tibet from China here

    If you are changing your preferred transportation from Train to Flight, You will have to inform you travel agency in Lhasa at least five days before, and they will have to send you the original permit to you.

  7. Do tell the Chinese embassy about your Tibet travel Plans.

    When you are applying for the VISA at home, It is always best not to mention your plan to Visit Tibet. The reason is the Chinese embassy in your country will ask for the visa invitation from Tibet Tourism Bureau. Every travel agency can request the Bureau to send you the visa invitation. But the trouble is in the Addresses of the Visa Invitation. The visa invitation will only write to all the Chinese Embassy in that Country. Some embassy is asking the visa invitation to address specifically to them. And another trouble is with Consulates. Many consulate’s system cants read the barcode on the letter for which they will not issue you the Visa. Hence, The best solution is not to mention it during the application.

    If you think, Your Visa will take sometimes to get. You  Go ahead and book the tour and send the other documents. We can start making the Tibet Travel Permit: Tibet Visa without the Chinese Visa. We will need it at the final step in applying for the Permit.

misconception about Tibet Tourism

Above are some of the most common misconception about traveling to Tibet. Please do mail us at or you can send us the direct message on WhatsApp or Wechat.

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