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Drigung Monastery འབྲི་གུང་མཐིལ་།

Drigung monastery or Drigung Til WoeMin JanchupLing, is also known as Drigung Til Monastery in short form. The monastery is located 150Kms east of Lhasa, at Mempa county, of Medrol Gonngar Distict in Lhasa prefecture. This is the principal monastery of the Drigung Kargyu, A sub sect of Kargyupa. History [...]

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Norbulingka ནོར་བུ་གླིང་ཀ།།

Norbulingka Palace, the summer palace for the successive Dalai Lamas. It is a popular place for Locals for a picnic and the very popular tourist destination in Lhasa. The palace is under the protection of UNESCO under the extension of Potala Palace. during your visit, you will see the Tibetan architectural [...]

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