The road from Tibet Nepal Border to Kathmandu is damaged. Its been about two days since we are hearing a news saying the road from Tibet Nepal Border to Kathmandu is damaged at many spots due to the heavy rainfall. For the last two days, they have been moving travelers in a helicopter with a cost is about 200 USD per person. Each helicopter has a capacity of 6 pax per flight. We can’t tell you how long is it going to take to repair the road. Our partners in Nepal side is not saying it impossible. But yet it seems very difficult.


The road between Kyirong in Tibet (China) to Nepal was open last year after the closure of border for an international traveler for three years after the Earth Quake in Nepal in the Year 2015. The border port was moved to Kyirong with the new port.

Possible Solution

If you are traveling overland from between Tibet and Nepal. Please, keep yourself updated on the latest situation.  If the news is not good to try to contact your travel agency and make the changes as per. If you would need help in booking the car or helicopter pick up on Nepal side. Please contact Samundra Gurung, you can reach him on his mobile phone +9779841497050.  If you would like to make changes into you travel Nepal in a flight from Lhasa. Please contact Lobsang you can reach him on his phone number +8613988773316 and you can also contact him on email on

Followings are some pictures from Nepal side of the Road.


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