Reting monastery is located in Lhünzhub County of Lhasa prefecture in Tibet. the monastery is located 65 Kms northeast of Lhasa. The monastery is of very important in many Tibetan Buddhist sects.

reting monastery in Lhasa prefecture in Tibet

History of Reting monastery

The Reting monastery was found by the prime disciple of Atisha, The Dromtön Gyalwe Jungney, in the year 1047. From here Dromtön found a new school of Tibetan Buddhist lineage calls Kadampa. Kadampa is the root lineage for all the new Tibetan sect like Kagyu, Sakya, Gelugpa, and minority Jhonang sects. After the death of his master Atisha, Dromton establishes a Monastery following his master advice. He saw a great positive energy at the location and found the monastery. After the founding of the monastery, he invites all the students of the Atisha to practice and helps him expanding the lineage.

In the year 1240, there was a Mongol attract in central Tibet, during that time lots of monasteries were burned down and Reting monastery was also burned down along with the Ramoche Temple in Lhasa. although the monastery was burned down, the fire didn’t burn down any of the main relics of the monastery which is closely associated with Atisha, Including the speaking Statue of Tara. legend has it that those relics would not be destroyed in the fire and that become a living proof of the reality of the myth. In the year 1231, the monastery was rebuilt by Ja-tang Rinchen Sangpo and Jamyang Rinchen Drak.

Je Tsongkhapa reforms the Kadampa lineage, which then becomes the Gelug school. the monastery became a very important monastery for Gelugpa.

In the year 1740 AD. The during the reign of Fifth Dalai Lama. The monastery was rebuilt and it became the monastery under the mentorship of the regional government of Tibet.

The Monastery was gifted to the 54th Gaden Tripa (the throne holder of Tsongkapa) by his student the seventh Dalai Lama in the year 1739 AD. He died at the monastery and his reincarnation was grand ownership of the monastery.

Tourist guides to Reting monastery

There is a two route to reach to Monastery, one is from Namtso Lake road and another one is from Lhundup county. I would suggest travelers take a Namtso route if travelers are also interested in the Namtso. taking this route you will have the stay an overnight at the Namtso Tashi do. otherwise, travelers can take a day tour to Reting monastery but will have to start early.

The Reting monastery has the thangka painted by Atisha himself, the biography of Atisha written by Nag Tso Lotsawa, Statue of meditation deity of Atisha. Once Reting monastery is said to have thousands of monk quarters, 3600 Thangka, thirty million religious books, seven hundred and seventy-five tomb stupa.

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