Ramoche Temple is the second most important Buddhist temple in Tibet. Its build around the same time as of the Jokhang Temple Lhasa Tibet, therefore it is known as the sister temple of Jokhang Temple. The temple is located north of Jokhang and east of Potala Palace. Originally the Ramoche temple was built to house a Buddha Statue brought into Tibet by the queen of Songtsan Gampo, Princess Wen Cheng.

History of Ramoche Temple

Later during Mangsong Mangtsen’s rule due to the tread. The Jho Skaya muni was hidden a hidden chapel in Jokhang. Later Princess Wencheng has placed the Jho Sakya muni as the main image of Jokhang temple and place the Jowo Mikyö Dorje (the one brought in by Nepalese queen Birkuti) at the Ramoche Temple.
Later during the fifth century, the temple has become the upper Tantric college of yellow hat Gelug-pa sect, and it is also known Gyu-toe monastery, and become must monastic college one must admit to after continuing one’s studies in becoming Geshe degree. admitting to this monastery is a step closer to someone in becoming the appointed spiritual head of the sect called Gaden Tripa.

During the Mongol invasion, the Temple was badly damaged by fire and there is no certainty that the statue remain is the original one brought from Nepal. The present three-storied building was constructed in 1474, the original location of the temple has become the main assembly hall for the Gyuto Tratsang. Gyuto monastery house 500 Monks during glamorous days. The Drak Yerpa then served as the summer quarter for the monks.

old women circumambulating the ramoche temple

Tourist guide to Ramoche Temple

The temple is located in the bursting of Jebumgang. it is about a half kilometers away from Jokhang temple and about three kilometers from Potala Palace. Many popular Tibet tour itineraries do not include the temple but I would rather suggest Ramoche temple for self-exploration. you will need to pay the entrance fees which is 50 Chinese RMB. The temple is one of three most popular pilgrims destination in Lhasa after, Potala Palace and Jokhang temple

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