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Nadia’s Tibet travel story

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Nadia’s Tibet travel story ( as reviewed on Tripadvisor) 

I was looking for a reliable tour guide for my group, later I was introduced to Woaber from the writer of thelandofsnows blogspot. Upon finding the most suitable package for us, I have compile some of the local tour guides’ packages. No doubt that Woaber was one of the few that gave us the best rates possible.


Tibet travel story

kambala pass overlooking yamdrok lake

We’ve been discussing our options since early 2015, many alterations needed since the Nepal earthquake, and some unforeseen scenarios from our part (dropped currency exchange, cancellations among our group, last minute visa application etc). Most of the travel agencies require a Chinese visa , passport and a certain amount of deposit during the first stage of the booking process. I cannot apply for the Chinese visa at that time because I was still in Korea, and I have to go back to my country (Malaysia) for the visa application. So imagine my panic when I found out about that, and I have less than 2 weeks to my trip departure.

But luckily, they can proceed with the permit application with only my passport. But of course I still have to submit the Chinese visa once its ready. Not all the travel agencies in Tibet are willing to do this, plus they do not require any deposits at all!


Lhasa mosque

Lhasa mosque

Woaber has been handling our problems quite well. And I must admit that we are at a crossroad. Not sure that coming to Tibet is a good option or not. Hell yeah, it was a good decision.

yamdrok lake

Yamdrok lake

We didn’t spend much time in Tibet (there’s always the second trip, hehe). But let me tell you, if you want to visit Tibet, you have to find these two (including Sonam, his good friend). You’ll hit the jackpot.

We stayed at the Cool Yak Hotel (conveniently very near to Barkhor Street) for 3 nights. Tried local foods, went to the monasteries (the free ones, they’re not so lucky to have such cheapskate customers like us). We were the first ever Muslim customer that Woaber got to experience with, so he may have some ideas in the future on where to get halal food, mosque around Tibet for praying, and for the women, take note, you cannot enter the monasteries while wearing your scarves. So, try to discuss with him first regarding your activities whilst the men visit the monasteries.


Nadia and Woaber of itibet travel

Nadia and Woaber of itibet travel

Final word of Nadia’s Tibet travel story

So guys… if you’re planning to visit Tibet in the near future, please consider I Tibet Travel for your trip, don’t forget to ask for Woaber and Sonam, cause really, they’re the best. You’ll have a good laugh with the best companions you could ask for. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


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