Ganden monastery mean joyous in Tibetan. The full name of the Ganden Monastery is Ganden Namgyal Ling(Joyous Victorious Temple). Its a Tibetan name of Tushita, the realm of future Buddha, the Bodhisattva Maitreya.

History of Ganden Monastery

Ganden Monastery is the principal monastery for the Gelukpa the Yellow sect of Tibetan Buddhism. This monastery was built by Tsongkhapa himself (The founder of the Sect) in 15 century. Ganden Monastery at Maximum has its capacity of about 5000 monks residing in it during the most glorious time in its history. The monastery is set in a natural, hilly amphitheater. Ganden monastery is located on Wangpo-Ri Hill and beside the monastery, the hill is very well known for its incense herbs. If take sometimes to go around the monastery you will have the good scent of Ganden Campa.


Tsongkapa stutue in Ganden monastery tibet

Tourist Guide to Ganden Monastery

The main attraction is the Ngam Choe Khang, this is the original assembly hall during the life of Tsongkhapa. Which is later moved to another newly build due to over side of population in the monastery. Tomb of Tsongkhapa is another must to see. It is a pagoda containing the remains of the great master Tsongkhapa. Assemble Hall, in the assamble hall there is a hat belongs to Tsongkhapa and the Dalai Lama. You can ask the monk to Tap the hat and shoe on your head and back if you are believer. We believe tap the item belongs to the enlightened soul would wrath away the ignorance and help us have a clearer mind for the accumulating knowledge which is the steps to enlightenment.


tomb chapel in Ganden monastery in Tibet


Going for Kora (circumambulation) of the Ganden monastery is must for explorers. if you do the circumambulation you will have the view of the monastery from its back. there are lots of old walls on the hill behind the monastery. You can also climb up the hill in the right side. this also give you very beautiful view of the entire monastery.

The Ganden monastery is a starting point of Ganden-Samye trekking. this is a very popular trek for those who cant trek in the very high altitude of over 5500 Meters. the average high of the trek is 5000 meters above sea level. If you cant do the entire trekking for four days, you can do four hours trekking to the valley Drupshi. there is a very beautiful village of Drupshi and you can also have a look a the nomads from the distance.

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