Drak Yerpa is one of the holiest retreats cave in Ü region. This is the must go for the believers and those who are interested in Tibetan Buddhism and Meditation. Many prominent figures of Tibetan Buddhist history and famous preachers have meditated here, from Songtsen Gampo to Guru Padmasambhava and Atisha.

After the first cave was established the Tibetan wife of Songtsen Gampo, he meditated here. Many followers of Padmasambhava and Atisha has been meditating here. Drak Yerpa offers a stunning view of the Tibetan landscape and is a great trip from Lhasa. You can do the tour to Drak Yerpa with Ganden Monastery for a day tour from Lhasa.

Drak yerpa

Caves of Drak Yerpa:

The first caves are Rigsum Gompo cave and the Tendrel Drubpuk, there is the cave where Atisha has Meditate. There are small caves where pilgrims squeezed into and there is another cave where there sip a water.

The upper cave is called Drubthub-Puk, recognizable with its black yak hair curtain. Continuing the east offers to the pagoda offers a great view of the valley.

The next Chapel surrounds the Lhalung-Puk. Lhalung Phaldor is a monk who assassinates the last king of Tubu dynasty Langdarma. ledgend has it that while he was meditating in Drak Yerpa, the Palden Lhamo appears in his vision and order him to kill the anti Dharma king for the benefit of religion. It is also believed that Paldor has retreat to Drak Yerpa and spent his remaining life there.

The largest chapel is Dawa-puk. Dawa-puk is the cave where the Guru Padmasambhava is said to have meditate for Seven years. look for the foot print of Padmasambhava.

Heading west, you will climb up to the Chogyal-puk, the cave of Songtsen Gampo The inner chapel has thousand arm Avalokitesvara. A small cave and the Statue of Songtsan Gampo.

Below the main cave to the east is called Neten Lhakang, this is the place where Atisha has tought his student about of practice in worshiping the 16 Arhats. Further east you can climb up to where phigrims put the prayer flags.


Drak yerpa valley

Affiliation of Drak Yerpa

Drak yerpa is also summer quarter for the monks from Gyuto monastery also known as Ramoche temple. The since the monk are pursueing higher degree of Tantric practice. This solitude place of Yerpa serve as a place for them to meditate.

Tourist Guide to Drak Yerpa

The Day tour to Drak yerpa can include in any Tibet tour packages which have Lhasa in itinerary.  Many day tours to Drak Yerpa also includes the majestic Ganden Monastery. For more Tibet travel information and for Tibet tour suggestion,



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