How much does it cost for traveling in Tibet? This is the most important question many travelers have before visiting Tibet. Traveling to Tibet is much costlier than any other places in the world. There are many sets of rules for international travel, which plays a very important role in determining the cost of travel.

Here are some rules and regulation regarding the International travel which effect in increasing the cost of traveling to Tibet.

  1. No Independent tours in Tibet:  it is said that no independent travels are not allowed in Tibet, hence all the tours should be a guided tour and must be organized by a travel agency in Lhasa.
  2. Tour Guide: it is said that all the travelers must have hired a tour guide for all the days in Tibet. this means even if you are taking a free day, tourists are supposed to have a guide hired. This could increase the cost of the tour.
  3. Private tourist vehicle: If travelers are going outside the Lhasa city, they must hire a private tourist vehicle. The cost per kilometer for the private tourist vehicle is more than a dollar in low season and it could go up to 1.59 USD per kilometers.
  4. Accommodations: All the international travelers are supposed to stay in hotels which licensed to accommodate international travel, hence there is no hostel with such a license. Hotels which are licensed to accommodation international traveler are Three stars and equivalent local hotels, which makes accommodations in Tibet little expensive for the budget travelers.  I would recommend travelers to stay in the house of Shambhala for the Best Tibet experiences.
  5. Tibet travel permits: The front page of the Tibet travel permit clearly state that no commission fee is charged for the permit. Yet travel agencies have to hire someone to work on the process of the permit. So all the travel agencies do charge a little amount to the Permit. If you go elsewhere in China, you would not have to make travel permits. Actually, Tibet travel permit / Tibet Visa price depends on the travel agency and we do it free of Cost

cost for traveling to Tibet

Pricing options

So the cost for traveling mainly determined by the places of travel rather than the personal choices. Here are some scenarios.

The Scenarios

1) If you are visiting only Lhasa city, it is not mandatory to have hired a private tourist vehicle, and you can use local transportation like taxi, tricycle, and bus.

But if your tour is anywhere outside the Lhasa city you will have to hire a Private tourist vehicle and it comes with a price tag depending coverage of the kilometers in your tour.

2) If you are traveling during the peak season from July to end of October. The price for all the service goes up,  Yet if your visit is during the low season like in winter the price for all the service drops almost to the half of the price during the high season, which is why many travel agency in Lhasa are trying hard to get many travelers as possible for the low seasons.

3) Number of Travelers in your group plays a significant role in reducing the cost of the travel as all the group members would be sharing the cost of the car and fees for the Guide. There are many Travel agency how provides a low budget group tour services. If you do join a group tour, you can reduce the cost of the travel almost to the quarter of the private tour cost. we also provide a group tours packages at the least price.

how much does it cost to travel in Tibet

The cost of traveling to Tibet 

  • Private to the most popular travel route in Tibet; Lhasa to Mount Everest base camp would cost you about 2000 US Dollar per person.
  • The group tour to the same Lhasa to Mount Everest base camp would cost you from 1050 USD to 1150 USD. there are many low-quality tours provided by some travel agency even at the cheaper rate. We advise our readers to consider reading carefully about inclusion and exclusion in the tour price. They would only charge you for the guide and vehicle. If you do the hotel booking and other services yourself. It will only come to similar prices.
  • The private tour to mount Kailash would take it to whopping 4000 to 5000 US Dollar per person. There is a lot of distances coverage and after paying almost 1.5 USD per kilometers it would definitively bring the cost to such a high. it is my sincere advice for all the travelers if you are going to visit Mount Kailash and even further western part of Tibet. consider doing a group tour instead of the private tour. You will save a fortune by doing so.


The cost of average meals in Tibet would not cost you more than 5 Dollar per meals. If you want to go lower than this, your guide to recommend a cheaper meals option. I would strongly recommend you a visit to Tibetan Family kitchen while in Lhasa. So far they are the best place to eat.

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