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How much does it cost for traveling to Tibet

2019-01-18T10:45:11+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet travel info|

How much does it cost for traveling in Tibet? This is the most important question many travelers have before visiting Tibet. Traveling to Tibet is much costlier than any other places in the world. There are many sets of rules for international travel, which plays a very important role in determining the cost of travel. Here are some

Tibetan family kitchen

2019-01-18T10:45:12+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet travel info|

Tibetan family Kitchen  and their Cooking class in Lhasa can be a good flavor in your Tibetan experience. The only cooking class in Lhasa,Tibet. The Tibetan Family Kitchen has been a very popular destination for every travel agency to invite clients (travelers) for either welcome or farewell dinner, which is both for us. Along bustling street

Tibet Nepal Border Update 2018

2019-01-18T10:45:13+00:00Categories: Tibet travel info|

Tibet Nepal Border Update 2018. May Recently Our friend Lobsang of The Land of Snows Blog, Has traveled from Lhasa to Kathmandu. Leading his group from Lhasa to Nepal via Tibet Nepal border and here is his updates. In his word "Hey, how are you? If you have groups/travelers going from Kyirong to Kathmandu. It is essential

Backpacking in Tibet, The travel guide

2019-01-18T10:45:15+00:00Categories: Tibet travel info|

Backpacking in Tibet is probably listed on the numbers wish to list many backpackers. Tibet is one of the very expensive destinations for travelers and it tourism information is one of the most misinformed and miss lead. As a local Tibet travel agency in Lhasa, Tibet. here is our advice in making a backpacking dream in

how to go to Tibet from China

2019-03-27T14:02:06+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet travel info|

How to go to Tibet from China? This is the most prominent question many Travelers has while planing in visiting Tibet. I hope post of mine would help travelers to make an informed decision in planning your Tibet tour ahead. How to go to Tibet from China? There are two popular travel routes for getting into

How to go to Tibet?

2019-01-18T10:45:25+00:00Categories: Tibet travel info|

How to go to Tibet? is the biggest question for the traveler going to Tibet. But there are so many miss information and the so many outdated information about Tibet travel and tourism in the cyber world. Wrong information is the greatest hindrance when someone is planning to Visit Tibet. This is my effort in giving you up to date information

Visit Tibet on a Budget

2019-01-18T10:45:26+00:00Categories: Tibet travel info|

Do you want to Visit Tibet on a budget? Traveling to Tibet is never cheap and independent travel is never allowed. But the budget Tibet travel is possible when you have local information. Lots of local Tibetan travel agencies in Lhasa fail to provide in-depth information about Tibet tourism; This makes lots of travel agencies make

Packing list for Tibet travel

2019-01-18T10:45:29+00:00Categories: Tibet travel info|

In this post, we will discuss about the Packing list for traveling to Tibet. We will discuss the elevations and climate in Tibet. At the end of the tour, we have the list of the recommended packing list. Before all our client makes a final preparation for the departure for Tibet. Everyone is asking us for

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