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Trekking in Lhasa City part two, Trekking to Gephel Utse

2019-01-18T10:45:09+00:00Categories: Tibet out door|

Trekking in Lhasa city part two is the continuation of our Trekking in Tibet post. There are lots of popular activities in Lhasa and in Tibet, which travelers normally miss during their few days visit Tibet. Tibet is not only Lhasa to Mount Everest tour, Tibet has more to offer and hiking is one of the [...]

Trekking in Lhasa city, Trekking to Sera Utse

2019-01-18T10:45:10+00:00Categories: Blog, Tibet out door, Tibet travel info|

Trekking in Lhasa city is one of least focus area in Tibet tourism market. But recently due to an increase in the cost of travelling in Tibet outside the Lhasa city we need to refocus our attention on more activities in Lhasa rather than trying to send off everyone outside the Lhasa city. Another reason for [...]

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