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Pabonka hermitage ཕ་བོང་ཁ།

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Pabonka Hermitage is located about eight kilometers north of old Lhasa city. The original main structure of the Pabonka fort was built on a huge stone which looks like a turtle. The design of the structure was curvy wall southern wall and square northern wall. The door is facing towards the north, and it has the gradual [...]

Chokpori ལྕགས་པོ་རི།།

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Chokpori is the hill on the right-hand side of Potala Palace and straight in front of the Jokhang Temple. The name Chokpori means the Iron hill. Chokpori hill is the soul hill of Vajrapa? The mountain looks like a tiger jumping up to the sky, and it is said to contain minerals such as iron and [...]

Nyethang Dolma Lhakhang སྙེ་ཐང་སྒྲོལ་མ་ལྷ་ཁང་།

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Nyethang Dolma Lhakhang temple is located in Nyethang county, eight kilometers south-west of Lhasa, on the old route to Lhasa airport. this is the must stop for the believer of the Tibetan school of Buddhism who is the direct lineage of Atisha or Kadampa sect. Which if you are the believer of Kagyupa, Gelugpa, and Sakyapa. [...]

Tsurphu Monastery མཚུར་ཕུ་དགོན་པ་།

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Tsurphu Monastery is the principal monastery of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Tsurphu monastery is located in Tholung Dechen Zong. The monastery can be reached by taking a detour on the way to Namtso or travelers can have one day for the day tour to Tsurphu monastery. History of Tsurphu Monastery Tsurphu [...]

Yangpachen monastery ཡངས་པ་ཅན་དགོན་པ་།

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Yangpachen monastery is locate at 85 kms north from Lhasa, near very popular Yangpachen Hot spring. History of Yangpachen monastery The monastery was found by the forth Shamarpa in years 1404 AD. The Sharmapa lived at the place from 1435 AD to 1524 AD for seventy-two years at the place and found the monastery. According to [...]

Reting Monastery རྭ་སྒྲེང་དགོན་པ་།

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Reting monastery is located in Lhünzhub County of Lhasa prefecture in Tibet. the monastery is located 65 Kms northeast of Lhasa. The monastery is of very important in many Tibetan Buddhist sects. History of Reting monastery The Reting monastery was found by the prime disciple of Atisha, The Dromtön Gyalwe Jungney, in the year 1047. From here [...]

Drigung Monastery འབྲི་གུང་མཐིལ་།

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Drigung monastery or Drigung Til WoeMin JanchupLing, is also known as Drigung Til Monastery in short form. The monastery is located 150Kms east of Lhasa, at Mempa county, of Medrol Gonngar Distict in Lhasa prefecture. This is the principal monastery of the Drigung Kargyu, A sub sect of Kargyupa. History and origin of Drigung monastery The [...]

Namtso Lake གནམ་མཚོ་།

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Namtso lake is also known as Namtso Chuk-mo. It is one of the most popular tourist destination in Tibet among both domestic and international travelers. The lake is one of the four biggest lakes in Tibetan plateau, highest largest in Tibet. Namtso lake is the salt lake. It is one of the main sources of salt [...]

Ramoche Temple ར་མོ་ཆེ་དགོན་པ་

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Ramoche Temple is the second most important Buddhist temple in Tibet. Its build around the same time as of the Jokhang Temple Lhasa Tibet, therefore it is known as the sister temple of Jokhang Temple. The temple is located north of Jokhang and east of Potala Palace. Originally the Ramoche temple was built to house a [...]

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